Foodie Friday – Hopdoddy


Happy Friday y’all!  Popsicle is here – with the Penske truck and all my “shtuff” (shit/stuff) as he likes to call it.  Let me just say, we have our work cut out for us tomorrow….second floor apartment + tons of shtuff = sweat + sore calves + firm jet packs.  I took him to the lake trail this morning to do the MoPac to Congress loop and he said it was a nice change of pace from the rail trail.  Lots of people were out enjoying the trail around the lake.  Pops commented on the heat and humidity, apparently he’s been running in long sleeves recently…..we’re taking a brief pause before heading to the campus later so I can register for classes (that’s what I’m in Austin for after all, sometimes I forget amidst all the outdoor fun) and some touristy fun this afternoon!

Hopdoddy Burger Bar


Earlier in the week I went with Kokes and Kelly to Hopdoddy Burger Bar on South Congress for dinner.  I’ve obviously never been there, and neither had the two girls so it was exciting for all.  It has a unique set-up.  First, we waited in a long line (it extended outside the building and around onto the sidewalk) before letting the hostess know how many we had.  Party of 3 please.  Then we were ushered inside to the drink line where we ordered and paid for our drink.  Margarita please.

Our next stop was the burger line.  The brilliance behind having a drinky drink while we waited to place our order still gets to me.  Pure. Genius.  We placed our burger orders and by then had been assigned a table number and went to sit down.   The menu is extensive and has vegetarian options as well.  I opted for the Greek Burger – a lamb burger with feta, cucumbers, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce.

The Greek Burger

The lamb burger was juicy and flavorful and I loved the creamy and fresh taste of the yogurt sauce.  The bun had a lot of seeds on it which was great by me, I like some crunch in my bread.  We shared the thin and crispy fries, which were excellent dipped in the yogurt sauce.

Me and Kelly

If you’d like to go there, I highly recommend it!  They have beer as well as other mixed drinks or if you’re not in the mood for alcohol, a wide variety of milkshakes are available.  We just didn’t have room left after we ate our entire trays of burgers…..

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

1400 S Congress Avenue

Austin, TX 78704




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  1. Sounds fun. I love that your Dad is a runner! Have you written about that connection? Would love to hear more. I just had p,b&j, so your burger sounded tasty…

    • I have a little bit – maybe I’ll have to craft a full series or something, thanks for the idea! You’ll have to pay close attention to the Foodie Fridays to get ideas for your Feb trip!

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