Austin: One Week Later


As of this evening I’ll have been in Austin for one week!  I’m still living out of bags and my car at my friend Koko’s place but tonight Popsicle will roll up in the Penske truck and all my junk stuff will be here.  Today is a rest day on running and exercise because I know he’ll want to run while he’s here so I’ll save the legs for that.  And also because I’m sore.  I’m sure there will be some active hoofin’ it around this town or campus though!

I’ve managed to make some observations in the week since I’ve been here on things about Austin.

There is/are a lot of:

  • Stars – on lamp posts.  On sidewalks.  On manhole covers.  On shorts.  On the flag.  They really take “the Lone Star State” to heart.
  • Coffee shops that also sell beer and wine – seriously, I haven’t found a place that sells just coffee.  Might be troublesome when I’m trying to study.
  • Dogs – everywhere.  Off leashes too.  And people don’t seem to mind.  This catapults my need desire for one….
  • Dust – just hangs in the air.  Dusty cars.  Dusty trails.  Dusty me.  Not a complaint necessarily – just an observation.
  • TexMex – this one needs no explanation.  But it’s everywhere – even in the coffee shops that sell beer and wine.  I’m a happy camper.
  • Activity – on the lake.  On the trail.  On the roads.  People are always moving, despite the heat.  They’re just sweaty and dusty.  Which is a good thing because of all the good food.

There are not a lot of:

  • Chain restaurants – hardly any McDonald’s, T-Bells or Burger Kings.  But there are local franchises like Which Wich, Whataburger, P.Terry’s, Taco Cabana.

My newest challenge to helping me feel like I belong here:

  • Successfully park in one of the back-in parking spots on Congress

My question of the week for Austinites/Texans:

  • How long do you have to live here before you can wear the Texas flag shorts?  Or do you have to be of Texas blood?

For locals only?



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  1. Beer in a coffee shop…FINALLY!!….that could do my running group in….or spur them on to go twice a day! As for the shorts, do as the locals do, as they say….make sure it isn’t something they DON’T do! On my way with your sh-tuff…..will be hungry for TexMex!

  2. A cold beer is a much better way to wake up in the morning when recovering from a hang over then a cup of coffee! I forgot about Whataburger! First place I had jalapenos on my burger, delicious! Go red, white and blue pride!

  3. So far you have observed a lot! Funny how your dad (popsicle) is excited about the beer in the coffee shops! Have fun unpacking and showing your dad around!! Miss you xoxoxox

  4. Is there a Pretty Kitty there? ;-). Sounds great. I can’t wait to get there in February. Maybe youll be wearing those shorts by then. Oh, yeah….about that cowboy…..

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