Tunesday: Home


I’m a big believer in signs from the universe.  And a lot of times for me these signs come in the form of songs.  For example, the morning I went to tour Rhodes for the first time, Walkin’ in Memphis was the first song to play on the radio when I got in my car that morning.  A sign to pick Rhodes.

I had my Austin sign as I was driving in on Thursday evening.  I was pulling into the city on I-35 and as I’m getting a little teary-eyed at the sight of the capitol building, I decide to turn off the audiobook and scroll through the radio stations.  The first words I heard when it settled on a station were – “make this place your home.”

And then the song was over.  When I got to my friend’s apartment, I searched for the song on my phone before going upstairs to see her.  I had nothing to go off of except those words.  It sounded like Mumford and Sons so I started with them.  I was wrong.  It was Home by Phillip Phillips.

Home.  Phillip Phillips.

Just know you’re not alone, I’m gonna make this place your home.

I have relationships with cities, much like I do with people and with running.  It’s been really hard to break away from Memphis, and just because I’m not there doesn’t change what that city has done for me.  Doesn’t change the love I have or the memories.  But I’m here now.  And I’m a big believer in being happy where you are.  Austin has been so great to me so far – the running trails, outdoor activities, endless TexMex and tequila.  And I don’t always expect it to be this way.  Just like with people, cities can have their bad days too.  Same with running.  I’m so committed to running I could probably sign a contract agreeing to give up frozen yogurt if I went more than 10 days without running (injuries don’t count) but I don’t always like it.  I stick with it; we work through our problems.  The rain, the heat, the off-days.  I know that’s how it’ll be here – it won’t always be happy.  I’ll have days when the city feels really lonely despite all of the active, young people on the trail with me.  Or all of the burnt-orange-clad students in the stadium.  But it’s home now and I’m committed to giving it my best shot.  To being patient with learning its quirks.  To enjoying our common interests and all the city has to offer.  As momsie said today “to taking it by the horns” and seeing what I can make of it!

How do you feel about where you are?  Are you waiting for something better?


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  1. Great video/song and perfect timing! I completed your birthday challenge and am not as sore as thought I might be. I stupidly chose my age +10 so was stuck doing 5 every hour on the hour (skipped two while lunching/back to school shopping with Matthew)so worked at it until 10 o’clock! I love the area I live in right now. it is a gorgeous mornin, birds singing, puffy white clouds in the sky so will be heading out to Brushy. I try enjoying every moment because it is not forever. Love you!

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