Motivation Monday: Birthday Push-Ups


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  To myself and the blog 🙂  I turn mid-twenties today and RUNMEM turns 2!  I’ve been working hard on the change you see in the blog and have decided that despite the move to Austin, I can’t change the name.  There’s too much history here to switch domains so RUNMEM is here to stay!!  (Thanks to my advisory committee who rejected new name after new name until I finally gave up.)

When I worked at Inside Out Gym in Memphis, one of the first members through the door every morning was Mr. Mayor (of the city of Memphis that is).  His routine was to do his age +10 in push-ups before beginning a strength training and cardio routine.  He does that same push-up routine every morning, regardless of if he makes it to the gym or not.

So today get down and give me your age+10 in pushups (you can’t say no today because it’s my birthday).  Do them all at once if you can, or if you can’t spread them out throughout the day.  If you’d rather, you can do my age + 10 or the blog’s age + 10!


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA!!! I hope you have a wonderful day full of new adventures! Wow! What a birthday goft/challenge you are requesting! You got it though! Starting at 8:00a.m., I will do some (as many as I can) every hour on the hour until I am done…only for the birthday woman! OXOXOXO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Just becaus eit’s you – I’ll do the blog’s age +10… I’m way too old to manage my own age+10 😉 (but it’s a good try there)

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