Birthday Festivities


I had a perfect birthday filled with all of my favorite things – thank you to everyone who texted, called, posted on Facebook and sent well-wishes my way 🙂


I planned on joining the Lululemon group run at 8AM but just couldn’t wait that late to get going.  So I met my friend Kelly under the MoPAC bridge to run the 5k loop at 6:45.  She had to leave for work and I had no one to answer to so I ran one more loop around the 4.86 mile section.

Austin Progress:

I signed my lease today!  And get to move in to my new place on Saturday – nothing like hitting your mid-twenties and signing an apartment lease for the first time!  Hey adulthood 🙂

Austin Fun:

Koko stumbled across an Austin deal on the website do512 and very last minute we added Stand-Up Paddle Boarding to our evening agenda.  For the rest of August you can rent a board and paddle for only $5/hour!  Popsicle I hope you’re ready to give it a try while you’re down here.

I’ll have you know I was the first one of us to wipe-out…..


Then the girls and I headed to Hula Hut, a restaurant on the lake, for margs and discussions of all the places we want to eat, visit, see and do while we’re here.

It was a glorious day and the only terrible thing about it all is that I moved up an age group in races.  And they are significantly faster up here…..

How’d those push-ups go?!  I’m rolling out of bed as I write this to do mine right now!


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