Tax-Free Rest Day


Austin decided to welcome me and wish me a very happy birthday by removing the sales tax on merchandise this weekend.  What better way to get to know a place than by going shopping?  I had some key items in mind for purchasing and successfully found and snagged both.

First priority: new running shoes.  I stopped in to two running stores Luke’s Locker and the Texas Running Co.  Luke didn’t have my specific style but I browsed around for a while anyway.  The Texas Running Co. did have my Saucony Mirages and they’re in exactly the same color my last pair was.  Just cushier and whiter.

New Kicks

I talked to the guys at Texas Running Co for a little bit and learned that one of them is a second year in my program.  I learned about some community runs in different areas of town and am looking forward to joining some of those in the future.

Our next stop was Lululemon where I snagged a bright as light pair of running shorts.  Normally their pants and shorts don’t suit my curvier bottom half but these are fantastic!  They’re not too tight around my stomach or my jet pack (what I affectionately call my recently larger glutes, thanks to my speed workouts…).

Jet-Pack Approved

I chatted with the employees there for a little bit too and learned all about their community fitness events.  This is a very friendly town!

I was so eager to try out my new shorts, I put them on in the store and walked out in them to repeat the same MoPac to Congress loop on the lake.  I walked it this time though since it was a rest day, and was able to take some pictures from the hike!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Morning Run.

I meant to meet up with one of the running groups I learned about yesterday but 7:30 am rolled around and I rolled over in bed.  Koko, Kelly and I went out last night for more birthday fun and had to stay out later than we planned because a rare Texas downpour rolled through town.  We couldn’t leave the restaurant so we ordered another drink.  And another.

I eventually was up and ready to run by 9.  I asked Koko to join me and we headed east on the Lake Trail instead of west.

Congress to east loop.

The morning was cooler because of the rain but there were still plenty of people out on the trail.  The east loop is considerably hillier than the western loops.   And the southeast side is under some construction that made for some interesting detours but we survived, following an instinct to “stay close to the lake”.  I’ll have to walk that loop soon and snap some pictures for y’all.  Six miles done and a productive start to an even more productive day!

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday!





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  1. Hi! I am glad you had such a productive shopping spree and a pre-celebration for your big day tomorrow! I took my pedometer out to Brushy this morning. It is pink in color and I decided to call it Jessica. It is an ipod. So, I set it for a workout and every 5 minutes this lady would come on and tell me how much time had gone by. I am going to pretend that’s you. How inspirational!!! I ran the entire lap, you clocked it at 2.5 miles and it took me exactly 30 minutes. I know that sounds horrible but you’ve seen the hill/trail. I am excited just to be taking my workouts to a new level and you right there with me! HAPPY PRE-BIRTHDAY! OXOXOX

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