St. Jude Half Marathon Training: Week 15 Plan


I ran in three different states last week!  I bailed on some of the specifics of the workouts – no tempo run and no track workout but I got the miles in.  I can’t keep avoiding the speed work much longer if I really want to keep improving my average pace to chase the sub 1:45 goal for December.  But I think I can put it off one more week.

Week 16: 24 miles.

This week I’ve decided instead of my specific workouts from the Run Less, Run Faster training plan, I want to explore the group runs around town I learned about yesterday!  So here’s the tentative workout plan I’ve put together for the week based on the three stores I visited yesterday.

Monday: 8 AM – Group Run at Lululemon S. Lamar Store

Tuesday: 6 AM – Taco Run at Luke’s Locker

Wednesday: 6 AM Core at Luke’s Locker.

Thursday: 6:15 PM Quality Run at Luke’s Locker OR 6:30 PM Group Run at Texas Running Co.

Friday:  Apparently no one works out on Fridays…

Saturday/Sunday: Long Lake Run (maybe entire lake trail this weekend!)

I’m excited for each of the runs and to see what kind of community there is here…I’ve heard a lot of talk, now it’s time to run.  It’s also move-in weekend next weekend so I’m going to have to work hard to keep the long run a priority!  But I’m more excited for tomorrow – it’s a big day around here…..!


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