Final Stop: Austin, Texas!


I rolled into Austin last night between 6:30 and 7.  Rush hour traffic was heavy going the opposite direction – all the workers trying to get out of the city.  The drive through north Texas was pretty flat and dry but the Texas pride is already overwhelming.  There are lone stars everywhere and giant state flags all over the place.  I’m not complaining, just saying.  I drove through Dallas but didn’t stop, it looked like a cool city though.  I’ll be back there for a wedding in September.

Driving into the city was a little overwhelming.  I’ve been here twice before and so recognized the cityscape but there’s nothing quite like knowing this is your new home for a while.  Of course I cried and it was the dirt brown Congress building that did it.


Now y’all, the tears aren’t a bad thing, I happen to be slightly emotional.  Sometimes I can make it through traumatic events as stoic as a statue and other times inanimate stone objects like Congress buildings can bring tears to my eyes.  It’s just the life of bein’ a girl.

Last night I wanted to be out on the town so Koko and I grabbed dinner and went for a walk around Town Lake chatting about our expectations for the upcoming year.  We’re working on a long to-do list – the first of which was “get up early tomorrow and run”.  Check.

I’m here!

Morning Run.

Wake up early we did – 5:25 a.m.  We were out the door and headed to her office parking garage within ten minutes.  She told me later she almost rolled over to go back to sleep but I wouldn’t have let that happen anyway, I was anxious to get a run in around the lake.  We did a loop we thought would be 6 miles but ended up at 4.45.

Town Lake is actually the Colorado River and has a series of loops that are completed by bridges across the lake.  It’s pretty cool because there are distances as short as a 5k or as long as 10 miles.

Town Lake Mileage

We ran the Congress to MoPac Loop.  It was so dark when we started and there’s not much light on the trail – my eyes were working so hard to see the ground.  There were plenty of other runners out there so it didn’t feel lonely or scary.  Just dark.  It’s hot here but not humid like Zionsville or Memphis.  I like the Lake Loops!  I’m not on track for my specific running workouts for the week so the mindset has changed to just get the miles in.  Luckily it’s early enough in training that missing a week of speed and tempo runs won’t affect my speed.

When we got back to the Congress Bridge, a little bit of sun was sneaking up in the east.  The city was still quiet though and not many cars on the street.

Good Morning Austin!

Time for some Austin exploring while she’s at work 🙂  Great start to the first day!





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  1. OMG…I’m so freaking jealous! Maybe I will have another move in my future. I love “becoming” in a new city. I love the running around, getting lost and exploring new places. I always know that initial time has ended when I run into somebody I know in an unusual place. It usually takes a year or more. Have fun!

  2. I am so jealous. Austin has a very special place in my heart! 🙂 When I moved there I came down from Michigan and people were like, “you should check out Town Lake”. And we were like “it’s a river, dude!”. LOL. I have run many many miles around this lake. Take water when you go past the I35 loop. 🙂

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