First time to Oklahoma!


After about 7 hours on the road yesterday, I made it to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The drive from Memphis was beautiful – Arkansas turns kind of windy and mountainous and Oklahoma is green and not as flat as I imagined.  Tulsa’s a small city that’s not really known for being a popular tourist destination, or desirable place to live.  Remember how hesitant Monica was to move there on Friends?

Chandler: You know how people say that Tulsa is the Paris of Oklahoma?

Monica: What? Who says that?

Chandler: People who’ve never been to Paris.

But I didn’t come here for the city.  I stopped here to see my best friend from childhood.  My blonder (and ditzier) other half.  Katie and I met in third grade and have remained friends ever since, sharing everything along the way: sports, clothes, hairstyles, vacations, jobs and even boyfriends (you know you’re best friends when your friendship can survive that.  Twice.)  We parted ways for college when she went north to Wheaton in Chicago and I went south to Rhodes in Memphis.  That’s when we stopped sharing – she snagged herself an Okie and went off to get married before we had a chance to share him.  Now she and hubs live here in Tulsa.

We reconnected quickly over dinner at Fat Guys’ Burgers where I had the biggest kids burger I’ve ever seen in my life.  It was delicious and just what my hungry belly wanted.


I mean – do you see how similar our outfits are – green on bottom and white on top? – totally unplanned.  After dinner she and hubs drove me around all the “districts” of the city.  It’s not huge but it has character and seems like a good place for young people.  My favorite district was one that has laws against chain restaurants opening within their neighborhood!  It definitely seems like a city for foodies and entrepreneurs.  And these two have been bitten by the bug.

Foolish Things Coffee Company

In just a few weeks Foolish Things Coffee Company will open for business in Tulsa and I got a sneak peek last night!

The Happy Couple by their Cafe

Twins by the patio.

Under construction.

The coffee bar.


It will serve coffee and food and they hope to bring people back together and out of the “iPhone zone” over cups of coffee.  I loved taking a behind the scenes tour and seeing all the construction and plans.  I’m bummed I missed the grand opening by just a few weeks but I guess I’ll have to come back……

State Number 10!

With a little persuasion from those two and the positive feedback I received from other runners, I’ve decided that Oklahoma will be my 10th state for my racing goal!  I’m not going to sign up just yet, I want to wait to get my syllabus from school but I’m about 90% committed to the Tulsa Route 66 Half-Marathon.

This Morning’s Run

Katie and I went for a run this morning around her Tulsa neighborhood.  It was hot, hilly and humid!  But we had a good time chatting about high school memories, our current lives and big plans for the future.  We went about 3.5 miles and then zipped over to Old School Bagel Cafe for breakfast.

Ready to run!

I’m so glad she’s turned into a runner (and a quick and effortless one at that – I was dripping in sweat and red in the face at the end of the 3.5 and she handled the hills and heat much differently.  Not sweating or breathing hard.  Curses) – I used to have to drag her out in the summers after I discovered my love.  But she’s done it all on her own and I’m excited to do the half in November!

The Healthy Start

For breakfast I had The Healthy Start bagel, an egg white, ham, spinach and tomato sandwich on an everything bagel.  I think it was the best bagel I’ve ever had.  It was soft and doughy instead of tough and I really liked that.  She’s run off to her big girl job and now I’m here planning the last leg of my trip!

See you soon!

The Final Leg!

In just hours I’ll be in my new hometown – I can’t believe this day is here!

452 Miles to Go!

I will land in Austin on top of my college roommate Koko who has so graciously opened her studio to me and my bags.  The boxes and furniture come next week in a trailer – I can’t move into my new place until the 25 so am just sort of living out of my car….I’ve got at least seven hours there this afternoon – feel free to call and entertain me 🙂  But NO TEXTING!





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  1. I’m so glad you made a stop in Tulsa! It was so great to see you!! I promise to make a trip down to Austin! And by the way…Tulsa is totally the Paris of Oklahoma!! Drive safe, girl! XOXO

  2. What a great visit in Oklahoma!!! Best of luck on the Coffee Shop! They are making my dream happen! Great, I will call you! Love you, OX

  3. Best friends are the best! Love the picture of the two of you dressed alike 🙂 Definately familiar with this situation! 🙂

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