Westward Ho!


Today I start the big journey into the unknown – I’ve never been further west on I-40 than just across the river and today I’ll make it all the way to Oklahoma.  I’m stopping in Tulsa to see a childhood friend before I head to Austin tomorrow.  I just have a few goodbyes here before I hit the road – I’ve done almost everything I need to survive a 402 mile roadtrip – run and eat.

Pack Run 

This morning I met the Pack at Inside Out Gym for the weekday run.  We did four as a group but I ran one to get to the gym and then added four on at the end before running one more home.  My long run assignment this week was to do 10 miles at a comfortable pace and after the group was finished, I wanted to keep going.  I think because I had pizza, not once, but twice yesterday!

I wasn’t able to get my pre-race pizza at the new place downtown but I did squeeze it in for lunch yesterday.  Aldo’s Pizza Pie is located on Main street across from Local.  Yesterday was their first day open for lunch and I think they handled the crowd very well.  We didn’t wait to sit down and didn’t wait long for our pizza.

Aldo’s Pizza Pie

I split the Gina Bellina pizza with a few changes – roasted tomatoes instead of sundried, and tomato sauce instead of white.  It also had grilled chicken, goat cheese and black olives.  It was delicious – not to thin or thick in the crust department and the cheese was excellent.

Gina Bellina

I also had pizza for dinner at Cortona and so my legs were ready for the long run this morning.  I think also knowing I’m spending up to 7 hours in the car today helped me crank out the extra miles.

Last Memphis Meal

After a cup of coffee and loading up the car I stopped by Libby’s again and we strolled through the neighborhood to Stone Soup Cafe for breakfast.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted – I knew I needed some protein to keep me full for the long ride, but I also wanted something sweet.  So we did what I love to do on dates, I got something healthy (a veggie omelette) and we shared something sweet (a blueberry scone).

Blueberry Scone.

The food is excellent here, for lunch or breakfast and the atmosphere is cozy.  Our waitress was very friendly and attentive.  Check it out if you haven’t been before!

Well y’all, here we go!  See you from Tulsa 🙂

On to Tulsa!






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  1. Have a safe trip! I’ll look forward to maybe seeing you the first weekend in October. Thanks for encouraging me with the blog. I had two people tell me today that they passed the link on to some friends that were really struggling. It’s nice to give people hope based on my experience!

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