Delicious and Active


Last night I met up with several of my runners who hit exciting milestones in races over the weekend.  We celebrated over dinner and drinks at Alchemy in Cooper Young.

Ran 5 Miles Straight!

If you’ve been following my journey for a while, you know that my favorite drink is the Two-One-Two at this very restaurant.  It’s a refreshing mix of grapefruit juice, tequila (key ingredient) and aperol (not sure what that is).  I’m not sure if I’m happier with YoLo in my hand or this drink….

The Best Drink.

I was almost distracted by a new drink on their menu – the Tequila Mockingbird – a blend of watermelon puree, tequila and lime juice (do you notice a common denominator in my drink choices?) but I stuck to tradition and wasn’t disappointed.

I was joined by Jen, Becca and Linda who I’ve run with for almost 2 years now.  We shared racing stories and caught up on dating, families, work, fitness and fun.

Running Girls

We split the duo of dips – flatbread with hummus or black bean spread to go on top.  An excellent start to the meal.  I chose the brussel sprouts and seared scallops for my dinner.  The menu changes pretty regularly and both dishes were new to me.  Normally I love what I choose but struck out on taste and amount last night.  The brussel sprouts had too much glaze or sweet vinegar or something.  I ate a few bites but didn’t finish the small plate.  And the scallops were good but should not have been pluralized.  I’m pretty sure they just sliced one scallop thinly and spread it out over the plate.

Tiny scallop.

Thank goodness Becca shared her chorizo mac and cheese with me.  It helped fill the extra space in my stomach – and I know how great (very flavorful) a dish it is.  I was a happy girl by the end of the night and look forward to seeing those girls for our Wednesday morning run.

This morning I worked my old shift at the desk and caught up with some favorite members.  Seems everything is rolling right along, just like it did when I worked there.

After a couple hours I left for another favorite eating stop at Cafe Eclectic close to my old stomping grounds at Rhodes.  I ordered the granola and yogurt with a side of eggs.

Cafe E Breakfast

Asa and I had a good catch up and then I hung out to write a bit before heading for some fitness at Inside Out.

Trainer/Client Love.

Tour de Memphis: Fitness Edition

Inside Out Gym spoiled me rotten with their designer spin bikes.  I can’t take a spin class anywhere that compares to the ones here.  So I hopped on my old instructor bike and rotated through the 3 hand positions, spending one minute in each for a total of 8 rounds (24 minutes).

I had a little energy left and did an endurance round on weights.  I did three rounds of fifteen repetitions of: pushups, cable lat pulldowns, bicep curls to overhead presses and tricep pushdowns.  Gotta save some energy for the track workout tomorrow 🙂


Happy Monday!  Hope your week is off to a delicious and active start.







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  1. aww, I missed this post last week. How cute we are 🙂 I already miss you lots! Looking forward reading more about your training and I’ll work on being in great shape for December 😉

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