Majestic Evening


Alright y’all where’d we leave off?  Lunch yesterday.  I met my friend “Princess” (a client I trained for her wedding and ended up being great friends – she is responsible for me wearing real clothes on more than one occasion).  She works for St. Jude and I met her in their cafeteria for lunch.  It’s a great Cafe, and a lot of their food is grown by the hospital in their own gardens.  The patients, doctors and nurses all eat in the same dining hall which was pretty cool.

St. Jude Salad

The salad had mixed greens, pesto chicken, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, garbanzo beans and sunflower seeds.  We used her quick lunch break to catch up on all the news in her southern diva life and my vagabond life.

Princess and Me.

After a quick nap on my friend’s couch I met some old co-workers (and now good friends) for dinner on the Majestic patio to celebrate Matthew’s trip to college and mine to graduate school.

Tour de Memphis: Food Edition – The Majestic.

Main Street Trolley.

The patio sits right on the Main Street Trolley line.  It was a perfect night for patio sitting and we watched the trolleys and nay-nays (the horses according to Poppy) go by.  We even commented that if you ignored the Lenny’s Sub Shop sign and the southern accents at tables around you, it almost feels like a little sidewalk cafe in Paris or New York.

Paris or New York?

It’s great people-watching too, and it happens to be Dead Elvis Week…..just imagine the crowds.

The Majestic is known for their flatbreads and our entire dinner party ordered one – I chose the Plum Tomato and was so satisfied.

Plum Tomato Flatbread.

We had a lot of fun together – here are some pictures from the rest of the evening.

Kisses for Pops.

And the tickle monster.

She’s more interested in the $$ than the photo. Smart girl.

Such a ladies’ man. Congrats on college Matthew!

Tour de Memphis: Fitness Edition

So after enjoying all that food last night, I wanted to get up and at ’em this morning.  I met some friends on the Greenline for an enjoyable, comfortably-paced run.  We ran for a mile and then I continued walking for a little bit.  I don’t want to run too much because of the race tomorrow.  I got some extra cardio and TRX core work done at the gym though.

Happy Runners.

Hope y’all are having a great weekend 🙂  It’s cooled off a bit here so I’m off to the pool for some sunshine and reading.  I’m thinkin’ lunch will be at Cheffie’s…..and dinner at the new pizza place downtown (you know that’s my go-to race food!).



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  1. Thank you for sharing the great pictures!!! You look SO pretty and I noticed your arm muscles! Way to go girl! Love you!

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