Neighborhood Stroll


Last night I started my official Tour de Memphis: Food Edition with what I would argue is my favorite meal in this town.  I joined some friends at Next Door for dinner and more Olympic glory (I don’t know about y’all but I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with myself when the Olympics are over.  Thank goodness football season is almost here!).

My Favorite Meal in Memphis

I ordered a bottle of Delerium and their Arugala Salad.  The salad has a base of arugala (kind of like spinach but with more of a bite to it) and is layered with granny smith apples, roasted chicken ( a little peppery – yum!), blue cheese crumbles, grilled red onions and (the best part) candied pecans.  We were there kind of late so I was very hungry and I ate the entire bowl.

The atmosphere in the bar was fun – lots of people watching either the Olympics or some of the preseason football games.  I had to have a minute to myself when I first saw Peyton in the Broncos jersey.  It was almost too much for me to handle.

Tour de Memphis: Fitness Edition

As much as I love this town for its excellent food, I also love coming back to exercise with my best friends.  While I lived here I worked as a personal trainer and met some wonderful people through teaching classes and personal training.  I surprised my old TRX class this morning when I showed up to teach – it felt great to be back in the spotlight and surrounded by people doing a workout.  I’m not sure how they felt about the girl in the “Suck it Up” headband being back but we worked hard and there was a little sweat, a few grunts and no one threw up.

I was going to try to make up my long run today since it got rained out yesterday but had trouble once I was out on the road.  I ran my first mile to the gym to teach and then planned to finish the distance after.  I got started and headed down my favorite neighborhood route down Peabody past my favorite house in town (the yellow one on the north side of the street) and past my old house with the porch swing.  On my way back, I passed a friends house and she was out with her little dog Luke putting the recycling out so I stopped to chat for a minute.  By the time I reached the gym again, my heart rate was sky high, I was soaking wet and so exhausted.  I’m not sure what the problem was: tired from teaching, legs used to sitting in the car for hours, Memphis heat (although it’s truly not too bad today) but speed just wasn’t in these legs today.  I was ok with that, and treated it more as a fun run through my old hood.

Now that the fitness is out of the way – it’s back to the Tour de Memphis: Food style.  Next stops include – St. Jude Children’s Hospital for lunch in the cafe, a picnic by the river with a traveling friend and dinner downtown on the main street patios (probably the Majestic) with some co-workers.  I’m not sure what I’m the most excited for!  Of course you’ll hear about it all – if not later today, definitely tomorrow.


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