Louisville to Memphis


This post comes to you from sunny, warm, muggy Memphis.  I had to drive through some storms and intense rain to get here (that’s not me being figurative or sticking hidden meaning into a post, it’s pure literal writing) but it feels so good to be back in my favorite town.  I’ll back track to where I left you yesterday.

Louisville – I stopped in this hip  and fun river city for lunch with a best friend’s mama and another friend from Rhodes.  We ate at North End Cafe where I ordered a grilled vegetable salad with goat cheese.  You could change that sentence to read I ordered a grilled vegetable salad because of the goat cheese.

Road to Texas: Louisville to Nashville

Louisville to Nashville: 174 miles.

Nashville – I settled into a Starbucks to wait for my friend Anna to be released from the demands of an accelerated nursing program.  We grabbed dinner at Chili’s and swapped stories of the summer.  I love how easy it is to catch up with old friends – like no time has passed at all.


Then I ventured through the beautiful rolling hills of horse country Tennessee to my aunt’s house in Mt. Juliet.  I remembered everything I love about the south – porch swings, crepe myrtles and slow talkin’ southern drawls.  Seriously.  The girls lounged in the comfy bed to watch Misty and Kerri dominate on the sand.  I actually got a little teary-eyed during their interviews after – apparently I’m a little sensitive these days.

Morning coffee

This morning I had the best intentions for running.  Uncle Don had coffee for me, I had my outfit and shoes on and was set to try for at least 5.  My aunt tipped me off to a greenway close to their office so I drove over there and planned to shower after the run.  Not even .1 miles into the run (seriously, Gary said .07) I heard the rumblings of thunder.  The sky looked clear in the direction I was headed so I kept going.  Everyone I saw was coming back towards the parking lot – no one was running the same way as me.  I even had one walker point and say to me “Um, there’s lightning” in her snarkiest voice.  So at 1.1 miles, I turned around.  No need to get soaked or struck by lightning before a long road trip.


And here I am now.  I have an active weekend planned – teaching a few classes at my old office, running a race Sunday morning (and I gotta figure out how to sneak a long run in since this morning’s was cut short) and enjoying plenty of food and drinks with the best friends (that’s actually already started)  – I enjoyed lunch with my friend Libby at Swanky’s Taco Shop where the US Women’s Soccer team was on the big screen.  We stayed until the end of the first half and now I’m talking to y’all from her couch.  I just have one thing to say – Hope Solo is a badass.

“Can’t get past me.”



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