Grilled Buffalo Chicken


Let’s recap my workout from this morning.  I decided to get creative today and came up with a little fusion total-body strength workout that combined bodyweight, TRX, dumbbell and barbell moves.  After a cup of coffee, I headed to LA Fitness with my TRX and completed the following 45 minute routine (it’s a little bit all over the place…):

Warm-up (On the TRX)

15 drop squat/high-row combos

10 each alternating forward lunge (I-Y-T)

15 standing roll-outs

10 single-arm golf swings

10 double-arm golf swings

10 straight hamstring bends

Fusion Workout 

15 pull ups (with assistance)

15 push ups

15 Frogger squats on TRX

15 sprinters (R then L) on TRX

15 close-grip pull ups (with assistance)

15 military pushups (half from knees)

15 frogger squats on TRX

15 sprinters (R then L) on TRX

15 underhand pull ups (with assistance)

15 wide grip push ups (last 5 from knees)

30 reverse mountain climbers on TRX

15 step ups to reverse lunge (R then L) with 20 pound barbell

15 atomic pushups on TRX

15 neutral grip pullups

5 rounds clockwork lunges (forward, diagonal, lateral, reverse) per leg with 20 pound BB

15 good mornings

Core (all on TRX)

One minute plank

30 mountain climbers

15 pikes

Phew!  That may seem like a long workout but I gave myself 45 minutes and filled it with whatever I wanted.  I did have a goal to target all my major muscle groups and go for endurance (15 reps and light weights).

And then I hopped in the pool for 20 minutes of fun :)  Seriously, I’m starting to enjoy it.


Today was a busy day of prep for moving – I decided last minute to host a garage sale this weekend…..and I had to go to the dentist.  Ick.  But the three of us whipped up a pretty fantastic healthy dinner!

Grilled Buffalo Chicken.

With all these sporting events going on, I was craving some bar food – like wings!  So I whipped up a healthier, home-made version and sent Pops to work at the grill.

Healthy Buffalo Wings

We used Frank’s Red Hot Wings Buffalo sauce to marinate chicken tenderloins before grilling them.  We also enjoyed the usual sides of carrots and celery sticks with cottage cheese instead of the creamy dressing.  Mama sliced some cantaloupe for us too!


It was cool enough for us to enjoy the meal outside, chatting about plans for my final week.  I’ll be buried in boxes and school work but we’re hoping for some “last-time” fun on the lake, downtown and in the ‘hood.  I’m waiting to hear back from a possible living situation in Austin….can’t wait to have all this settled.

See you for track repeats tomorrow :)






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  1. Great workout! Wow, 15 pull ups, even with assistance, that is a lot! I am still working on 2,without assistance,lol. I wish I was there for that grilling! Sounds delicious!

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