The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


I can hardly believe it y’all but it’s that time of year again.  The most wonderful time of the year.  And no, it’s not Christmas.  August to the first weekend in December is a great time of year for multiple reasons (and this year has an added few!).

  1. I’m moving.  I’ve been talking about the upcoming move to Texas on the blog since March or April and it seemed like it would never come.  But alas, here it is staring me in the face!  I’ll pull out of Zionsville next week on August 7 to start the trek down to ATX.  Pit stops along the way include Louisville, Nashville, MEMPHIS, Tulsa with a final destination of Austin, TX (where I’ll be studying Sports Science and Nutrition at UT).

    1,375 miles!

    2.   My birthday.  Mark your calendar for August 20 and then put some cash in the mail because this chick has reached the quarter century mark!  Is there such thing as a quarter life crisis?

    Who moved my tequila?!

    3.    Football Season!  It was a tough debate but I have figured out which professional team I’ll remain loyal to.    Since Austin has no professional team, I feel no remorse remaining loyal to the Indianapolis Colts.  Even without Peyton, I’ve been bleeding blue for 20 years and I’m pretty sure you can’t just change the color of your blood.  I’m also thrilled to be part of Longhorn football and to have two legitimate teams to root for without any conflicts of interest.

    Hook ’em!

    4.   HALF MARATHON SEASON – This is what I live for y’all.  For the past four years August to December has been race season for me and it’s the best time of year.  St. Jude Half Marathon is just 18 weeks away and so it’s time to begin official training!

    St. Jude 2011 – 1:47:36

    So, why 18 weeks?  Several reasons.  The first is that I have a big goal.  That’s why this time of year is considered “in-season” for me.  January to May is my off-season – I basically run to keep my legs in working order.  May to August is my pre-season – I start to add some speedwork back in but still, it’s mostly about logging the miles.  And now it’s really serious – with weekly plans, specific running workouts, strength training and core training and flexibility training.  And this year as an added bonus because of my schooling, I’m including macro- and meso-cycles!  (Don’t worry about the terms, just be excited for me!).  The goal is to beat my time last year, and half-marathon PR of 1:47:36.  Some crazy supportive people think I can do it in 1:45.  And maybe I can with the conditioning of the Austin heat and hills!  So we’ll make 1:47:35 the goal and 1:45:00 the stretch goal.

    The second reason is to allow for all the un-planned un-pleasantries.  Sickness.  School.  Weddings.  Injuries.  Spontaneous trips to Mexico (hey, you never know).  Weather.  Sometimes you just can’t get the training in.  And an 18-week plan allows for those kinds of situations to happen every now and then without setting me too far back in miles or training.

    Week 18 Training Plan

    4 runs

    1. Track run – Warm-up.  12×400 m (1:40 to 1:46 pace).  Cool down.

    2. Tempo run – 2 miles easy.  3 miles (7:51 to 8:30 pace). 1 mile easy.

    3.  Recovery Run – 4-5 miles.

    4.  Long run – 8 miles (8:30 to 8:50 pace).

    3 strength days

    1.  TRX upper body routine – 2 sets of 15 reps

    2.  TRX lower body routine 

    3.  Push/Pull full body routine – 2 sets of 15 reps

    2 yoga/core routines

    It’s gonna be a busy week!  This might seem like a lot but remember, I’ve got big goals and this is what I love.  I make time for it.  Most of the time my training for the day is the first thing I do!  If you’re wanting to run your first half or full marathon – this is NOT the plan you would follow :)  There are much simpler approaches and I’ve tailored a few down to a science, even only running three times per week!  If you’re interested, email me!  I’ve coached dozens of people through 5 different marathons or half-marathons in the past 5 years including New York, Memphis, Nashville and Greenwood!



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  1. YAY!!! Race season has officially started. I look forward to seeing your progress and you can count me as one of those crazy supportive people that think you can do the 1/2 in 1:45. I know a lightening fast runner that will probably be happy to pace you.

  2. It won’t be easy, but you are starting with a great base from the high temps and humidity of the Chicago Rock ‘n Roll half marathon! Good luck with the training!!

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