100 miles in July!


Good mornin’ y’all!  Today was my last pre-season run and tomorrow will mark the start of Week 18 of St. Jude Half Marathon Training!  I joined my dad for a run on the Monon, our version of the Greenline.  The temperatures were fantastic today – starting in the high 60s!  Our pace was pretty relaxed but definitely pushed the last mile in for a total of 6.13 miles in 56 minutes.

Earlier this month, I started using Daily Mile to track my runs.  DM had been on my radar for a while, several other runners I know use it.  But I had my watch, and the blog so I put off joining yet another run tracking site.  That was a mistake.  I LOVE DAILY MILE.  It is so much easier for me to read and analyze than my Garmin site and I’m able to easily see friends and comment/encourage them on their runs.  It’s bright and colorful too, which is important to me!  The site easily displays information for individual runs, weekly mileage, and monthly mileage.  I love it – here’s my report for July (I know the month’s not over but I hit 100 miles and wanted to share!).

100 miles for July!

Whether you’re a runner, walker, cyclist or just a general gym rat, Daily Mile is a great way to track your workouts socially.  I’ve connected with old friends, clients in Memphis and several runners whose blogs I read that I’ve actually never met.  It’s fun to see how and what everyone is doing in their training.  If you join let me know and we can be friends!

Sunrise Breakfast Sandwich

I wasn’t very hungry right after the run so enjoyed a drink from Starbucks (grande skinny mocha) while I debated what to have for breakfast.  Since I didn’t have any time pressure to try to be somewhere I decided to whip up some eggs.  When I grabbed the eggs from the fridge I saw a tomato and thought “Hey, I’ll make a breakfast sandwich!”

Sunrise Breakfast Sandwich

It was so simple to make, I probably could do it even with a time crunch!  All it included was:

  • Pepperidge farm sandwich thins – toasted
  • One slice of cheddar cheese
  • Two slices of tomato
  • Two scrambled eggs

Just toast, slice, scramble and assemble!  I had a side of strawberries too – it was perfect!

Don’t forget about the OrthoLite giveaway!  I’ve been wearing mine and they are SO comfortable!


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  1. I make that same breakfast sandwich except i don’t use cheese (which is really good, too), I use avocado or guacamole! Yum, yum! Congrats on your 100 miles!!! That is SO awesome! OX

    • I bought those 100 cal guacamole packs today! Used it on a dinner sammie – look for the sandwich later in the week :). You should join daily mile.com to keep track of your hiking – Emilie is supposed to join too!

  2. I’m right behind you….sort of….416 to go….I did 100 in June, does that count? Too much tapering for me in July!!

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