Olympic Running Schedule


Happy Weekend!  I have run zero miles and lifted zero weights so far today.  I think that sounds like a pretty successful rest day!  I’ve put together a schedule of the Olympic running events if you’re interested!  I have only included the actual medal events, if you’re interested in qualifying events you can view the full schedule here!

Friday, August 3.   – Women’s 10,000m

Saturday, August 4. – Men’s 10,000 m

         Women’s 100 m

         Women’s Heptathalon

Sunday, August 5.  –    Men’s 100 m

Women’s 400 m


Monday, August 6. –     Men’s 400 m

Women’s 3,000 m steeplechase

Tuesday, August 7. –    Men’s 1500 m

Wednesday, August 8.  –

Men’s 800 m

Men’s Decathlon

Women’s 1500m

Women’s 5000m

Women’s 4x100m relay

Saturday, August 11. – Men’s 5000m

Men’s 4x100m relay

Women’s 800m

Women’s 4x400m relay

Born to Run

I’ll personally have my eyes on Shalane Flanagan.  She’s an incredible runner.  She holds the American records for 3,ooom (indoor), 5,000m (indoor) and 10,000m distances.  Just two years ago she ran her first half-marathon in Houston where she not only took first place but set a new course record (1:09:45).  Later that same year she debuted the marathon distance in New York and took a lousy second place with a time of 2:28 and change – the fastest finish for an American woman on that course in over 20 years.  I’d say she’s got somethin’ goin’ on in those legs!  Should be fun to watch on August 5.

Who will you be watching?


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  1. I am so excited they have field hockey!!! I hope to catch a couple of those games. I always love the 4×100 relays, too!

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