Out of Retirement: TRX


Good morning y’all!

Run this Morning

Since I’m still in recovery week, I decided to meet the guys and dogs for the trail run this morning.  It was a little cooler than recently with a slight breeze but oh-so-humid.  The group did three to save the dogs, and then dad and I tacked on an extra mile at the end.

Out of Retirement

I’ve made a return to my TRX Trainer since retiring from teaching (temporarily) in April.  The next four weeks of strength training will revolve around using the TRX Trainer to build strength and endurance to supplement my training for the beginning of race season!  I LOVE the TRX because it’s portable, easy to use, provides a quick and efficient workout, involves multiple muscle groups even when isolating the work of one and always leaves me sore!

While I work on putting together a way to share my routines, complete with more pictures for each move, I thought you might enjoy these pictures we took for an ad in Memphis Health and Fitness when I worked at Inside Out Gym.

Check out the Sweat!

Yesterday I hung my trainer up on the assisted pull-up machine at LA Fitness, plugged my iPod into my ears and went to town.  I wanted to focus on upper body to continue to give my legs a rest (will try them today) and started with this warm-up.

  • 15 drop squats
  • 10 alternating drop squats with high rows
  • 5 each I-Y-T alternating forward lunge
  • 10 single-arm golf swings
  • 10 double arm golf swings
  • 10 alternating straight leg hamstring

Body Weight Suspension

TRX Upper Body Routine

I then moved on to complete supersets of the following (15 reps of each move in the pair, then repeat before moving on to the next pair).

  • Chest press/High rows
  • Bicep curls/Tricep press
  • I-T-Y Shoulder pulls, Single-arm sprinklers
  • Atomic push-ups
  • 30 second plank on hands/30 second side plank each side/30 second plank on forearms

Starting position for Biceps

By the end of the workout, I was dripping in sweat and my arm muscles had that deep fatigue and shake going.  The best thing is that I felt that way and the workout took less than 30 minutes!  My triceps (never fails) are extra tender today!  I’m looking forward to my leg workout tonight.

Enjoy your mid-week!  I’ve got class and then playtime with the newest member of my little family:

Happy Early Birthday to Me!




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