Tunesday – Ho Hey, The Lumineers


Good mornin’ y’all.  It’s Rock n Roll Chicago Taper time!  That means I’m not out in the “stifling” (select word of the weather report this morning) heat logging the miles.  I get to rest this week and let all the miles I’ve put in over the past two months take care of getting me ready for Sunday. The taper is crucial, allowing my muscles (and mind) to rest before the big task at hand this weekend.  So no long runs, no speedy runs, no weights.  This rest time lets all the hard work of the summer I’ve put into my muscles actually make them stronger.  Yes, it has the potential to make me stir-crazy but I’ve learned to respect it.  And almost to love it.

When I was in Memphis over the weekend, I took a Spin class at Inside Out Gym from the instructor who taught me to love spinning.  For some reason, her playlist selections for five years have always spoken to me personally, either inspiring a fantastic and exhausting workout or just making something in life make a little bit more sense.  Well she did it again on Sunday when she played Ho Hey by The Lumineers.  It didn’t inspire any extra effort or bring sense to my life BUT it introduced me to a new group, with an off-the-beaten-path song.  I like the beat and the banjo and their sound reminds me of Mumford and Sons.

Ho Hey.  The Lumineers.

Ho Hey. The Lumineers

It’s also a little soothing, which is perfect for taper week!  Have a listen here.

I will be doing something today, I have plans for yoga later, and will probably walk before hand to warm up.  Have a great day!


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