Reunited, at last.


The fun in Memphis continues!  Last night the food tour train stopped in at Local for a bite (or several bites) to eat before heading to the Orpheum Summer Movie Series to see The Shining.

For dinner I ordered my favorite Local dish, a seared tuna tostada – the tuna has so much flavoring and is a little bit spicy.  This is where I learned I like seared tuna!  My friends Jonathan and Libby went for the strategy of appetizers for dinner (and apparently had a little trouble identifying what taste they wanted for dinner): hot pretzels, hot wings, duck quesadilla and a caesar salad.  The pretzels were so delicious, I can’t remember the last time I had a big, doughy, salty hot pretzel!

Salad and lots of nibbles

After dinner we walked down Main Street towards the Orpheum for the movie.  I’ve seen the Shining before and am aware of its reputation as a classic horror film.  Apparently my mind forgot some of the details of the movie as Jonathan remarked on the several times I had my entire face covered by my hands.  And I’d like to just put out there that Wendy is a little annoying.  I might have tried to kill her too.

Despite getting to bed super late (1 am = 2 am Indy time = latest I’ve stayed up since my last trip here), I was up by 5:30 and so excited to run with my friends on the Greenline.  First I met Sharon with her pup at 6 and we did about 3.5 miles ( I was soaked by the end because of a little drizzle and humidity) and then was joined by Jen, Becca, Russ, Finn and Peekay for another 4.  The miles flew by quickly despite the humidity because of the good company and life stories to catch up on.  After a quick wardrobe change, we all met up for breakfast at Cafe Eclectic (I had several cups of coffee, their delicious homemade yogurt and granola and half of the Rachel’s breakfast wrap).

Foodie group with a running problem.

I zipped around town for a while visiting friends before heading out to meet my friend Leah for lunch at Cheffie’s.  Normally I always order the Santa Fe Salad, sometimes the Spinach Salad but never anything else.  Until today.  I had the Nicoise Salad with Lemony Pepper Tuna.  It was delicious and so filling.

Nicoise Salad

It had mixed greens, lemony tuna, hard-boiled egg, chopped peppers, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.  By coincidence we ran into Becca and I enjoyed a delicious lunch with two inspiring women.

THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY TRIP IS NEXT (until tonight anyway.)

When someone suggests going to YoLo


I have been waiting for a YoLo trip since the last time I was here.  I even skipped a few family trips to FroYo in Indy because I knew the reunion would be so great.  And it lived up to expectations.


I had three different sections of my cup.  In corner 1,  pink lemonade tart with graham cracker crumbs.  Corner 2, california/blueberry tart swirl with dark star granola.  Corner 3, simply strawberry with strawberries on top.  And the grand finale – cookie dough on top.

Reunited and it feels so good.

I loved every bite and can’t wait to go back after dinner tonight.  And again for breakfast tomorrow….

All that’s left to really satisfy me on this trip is a 212 tequila drink at alchemy.  I’d say it’s safe to assume that’s in my near future.  Like 30-minute future.

My trip so far has been everything I’d hoped for it to be.  Good friends.  Good food.  Good exercise.  And it’s about to get even better.

Enjoy your Saturday!


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  1. I am SO glad your having a great trip! You are SO cute with your yogurt! Seared tuna!?! Now I am going to hunt that down.

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