Memphis Rain Delay


Hey from Memphis y’all!  I made it in last night just in time for dinner!  With a long(ish) run (9 miles) planned for this morning, I made my first stop at my favorite Memphis pizza place – Trolley Stop Market.

Half and half

I enjoyed one slice of each flavor – Hawaiian and Margharita – and the beautiful company of the delightful princess bride client.  We chatted about her upcoming anniversary trip to Mexico .  I bopped around town for a bit saying hi to a few other friends before heading to Hotel Princess Bride to catch some zzzzzs.

When I woke up this morning there was an unfamiliar sound outside the window.  Sort of like raindrops (if I remembered what those were).  And indeed, it was raining.  Hard.  And then the lightning and thunder started.  I got up anyway to get dressed for the nine-miler and Princess yells from the other room “What’s the matter with you? It’s stormin’ out there, you can’t run.”  And I told her I had no intention of running but (I believe) you still have to go meet your people anyway.  Plus I was hoping to share the rain-delay Starbucks tradition with Norman.

So off I went to meet at the designated spot on the Greenline.  Norman was there, and we were both dressed to go but decided not to – let me clarify that this was not just a sprinkle or a drizzle.  It was a steady, heavy rain.  We didn’t even bother trying to talk the other one into running, and sadly my Starbucks offer was declined (he’s preparing to leave for  a Kentucky Bourbon Trail vacation today so was anxious to get going) but I was up and out in the rain, so I went anyway.  It was treacherous out there at 6 am this morning.  The rain had come down so hard and so quickly that parts of Union were flooded and I couldn’t turn off of Union to get into the parking lot.  But I was determined to get my coffee so I drove around a couple of blocks until I blazed a safe trail to the drive-thru.  It was a grande cafe misto for me (like a latte but with coffee instead of espresso, so a little cheaper) and a grande triple shot skinny mocha for the Princess (apparently she has quite a day ahead of her).

Misto instead of miles

I returned to the resort to help with the Mexican packing festivities before everyone set off for work.  I really was (am) bummed the run didn’t work out – I prepped for it with carbs all day yesterday!  So my new plan for today is to take a lunchtime yoga class and hopefully get some walking in before or after.  There’s always tomorrow (except these clouds just keep hanging around – move north rain, move north!)!

Enjoy the last day of your week!


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