Evening on the Lake


Good morning y’all!  Last night my biomechanics book and I (studying balance and stability) joined Popsicle for an evening on the water.  I hadn’t been with him to the lake in a few weeks and decided even if I had to take my studies with me, I wanted to be on the water.  When we got there I was shocked to see how little water there was!

Watch out for no-longer-submerged rocks!

All over the lake there were sandbars, rock piles and debris exposed that normally we zip right over without a second thought.  I have never seen the water levels this low.  Boats and docks are floating in mid-air.  It’s a little scary – especially since our meteorologist seems to have taken the word “rain” out of his vocabulary.

No sailing for them anytime soon.

I heard on the news before my run this morning that Morse (the lake we go to) Reservoir is dropping a foot every five days!  At this rate by the time I get back from our Chicago race in two weeks (aka will allow myself to ski again), it’ll be called Morse Puddle.  Come on rain!

We drove around for a while, unable to ski both because I don’t want to pull anything or drown before the half-marathon and also because we didn’t have a spotter.  I’m not about to try to drive and keep an eye on my dad behind the boat.  After floating for a bit so I could do some enthralling reading on bases of support, we docked it at the one and only restaurant on the lake – Wolfie’s.  It’s nothing super spectacular but we had a great view of the marina from the deck and they serve pretty standard bar and grill fare.  I ordered a fish taco wrap with broccoli.

View from the deck – not too shabby!


The wrap had tilapia, grilled corn, black beans, avocado, lettuce and tomatoes.  The fish was excellent, a little crispy on the outside and the creamy avocado was a perfect addition.  Popsicle and I talked about where we would live if we could have a house anywhere in the world – lakeside? Oceanside? Europe?  Mountains?  Beach for sure, preferably an island.

We went back out on the boat for another cruise while the sun was setting.  It was quiet except for a few skiers and we had a spectacular sunset.


Hot air balloon!

Goodnight sun.

This morning’s run.

The only thing better than a sunset is a sunrise run.  I was a little late on the horizon rise but I did get to enjoy the world coming to life this morning.  It sounds tacky and mushy but it’s true.  There’s some satisfaction knowing I’m up and at em while most of the world is snoozing away, chugging coffee (nothing wrong with that – I do it before the run), zoning out to the Today Show.  And even more personal satisfaction knowing my miles are done for the day.

Because of yesterday’s and tomorrow’s speedwork, Wednesdays have sort of turned into a medium distance zone out run.  I run how I feel.  Whatever the music and my legs tell me.  I did 6.33 miles today, adding a loop down below on the Starkey Park trails to my usual morning route in the park.  I felt strong and fast on the trails, but my watch tells me otherwise!  It was a pretty average run with a 9:42 average pace.

Hope y’all have an excellent middle of your week!


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  1. The water levels are sad/scary low. Great pictures, Thanks for sharing! As far as for living, Valerie and I used to wish we could live next door, no matter where. I think now I would pick next door to you and Sarah, anywhere! Love you!

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