Motivation Monday


OMG get your gloves!

Y’all, we’ve been waiting for this!  I think the last time we saw a temperature starting with a 6 was during the NBA playoffs (ok, maybe it hasn’t been that long, but a week of triple-digit temperatures can leave a girl delusional).  So grab your scarves and gloves and get movin’ outside!  It won’t stay long and we’ll be back to sweating buckets just walking to the car.

My Workout

I was even tempted to run outside in these wonderful temperatures but I thought twice about it.  I did a number on my legs yesterday with the 13.1 mile training run in the morning, and wanted to give my joints a break.  So instead I made up my own little triathlon.


I warmed up with 30 minutes on the spin bike – 5 minutes flat, easy road warm-up.  Then seven sets of one minute in each hand position (seated, standing and climb – adding a little resistance each time) followed by a 4 minute cool-down.


For as long as I can remember swimming laps has never been a thing of mine (ever since that summer day on the Swim Team when I was ten and took a breath on the butterfly stroke before I was actually out of the water…..I’m pretty sure I still have water in my lungs).  I gave it the good old try a few summers ago in Memphis when it was (like this year) so bloody hot I couldn’t run.  It’s hard for me – my heartrate skyrockets because I can’t get the breathing down and my arms flop around in a funny, unsynchronized manner.  I threw in the towel and didn’t return to the laps until yesterday.  It wasn’t as bad as I remembered (though I’m no Natalie Coughlin) and the water felt great on my tired muscles.

When I woke up this morning I knew I wanted to give it another shot.  I spent almost 30 minutes in the pool and broke it down into sets of 5 down and backs.  The first set of 5 I swam regular freestyle for every length (pausing in between turns to gasp for air and settle my heartrate), the second set of 5 I alternated between arms only and legs only (still pausing to collect myself), and the last set of 5 I included a round of breaststroke and backstroke in between freestyle rounds.  I found that if I pretend I look like Olympian Natalie Coughlin I’m not as disturbed by the looks the regular swimmers give me.  They’re just staring at my perfect form and incredibly shiny hair (see below.)

Just another day in the pool for me


To complete my triathlon I walked (no running today..) Sophie on the trail for a bit.  That satisfied my itch to get out in the cooler weather and she was happy to be out too!

I hope y’all have a great Monday – get outside if you can (if you’re experiencing the cold front that is)!

Do you have a sport/activity you’re not good at?   What gets you through it?


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  1. That is so funny hearing you talk about swimming like that! My first quarter of high school they put me on the swim team. It must have been only because I knew how to swim. It was not my thing. The last quarter was track and field and thank goodness I could sprint! I was put on the relay team as well so I met girls who played field hockey instead of swimming. So, needless to say, my sophmore year i joined field hockey and made the “varsity” team!

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