Moonrise Kingdom


Happy Sunday y’all!  Today was my last double digit run in preparation for the Rock n Roll Chicago Half Marathon (just two weeks away!)  I was looking forward to this morning because a cold front has been on the radar for today all week (read: temps in the 90s instead of 100s).  The prep for this morning started with a girls’ night last night.

Matching mom and daughter

Momsie and I met our neighbors (another mom and daughter pair) for dinner and a movie.  Everyone was very accommodating to my demands for a place with pizza (it’s become my go-to long-run fuel).  Our experience at the Italian restaurant Bravo was a little rough (it was our only our waiter’s second night).  Luckily we had plenty to chat about, the other girls had just returned from a Greece vacation and had lots of stories to tell, and so weren’t too upset by the slow service.  For night’s before runs 10 miles or longer, I put my own twist on the pasta tradition, and like to have thin crust pizza.  I always start with a colorful salad though, and last night it was a delicious greek salad with grilled chicken.

Veggie Load

Everyone’s salads came out together (including Allie’s entree salad) and my entree pizza came out with the appetizer salads – so I had all my food at once.  But again, none of us too upset as we chatted away and sipped on wine and cocktails ( I had a cucumber gimlet – so refreshing!  And apparently I like gin now…..).  Allie and I both went ahead and dug into our entrees while the mamas finished their salads.  We didn’t see our waiter again for quite a while.

Flatbread pizza fuel

The pizza was perfect.  Thin crispy crust, melty mozzarella cheese and fresh tomatoes.  YUM!  Our waiter returned with our bill and said “No rush, you can pay me whenever you want.”  And now we were all alarmed.  “Excuse me!” from the mamas in unison, “We don’t have our pasta dishes yet.”  “You’re kidding me,” he said.  Well not exactly.  So Allie and I continued eating while our mamas waited for their main dishes.  Eventually they came out, along with the Italian speaking manager who was sincerely apologetic and kind to us, explaining that it was our waiter’s second night on the main floor.  Don’t worry, we didn’t cause a scene and gladly accepted the discount we received on the bill.  It’s a good thing we’re so healthy and didn’t want refills on our drinks, or any of the decadent desserts…..because they were never offered to us.  (Instead I nabbed a handful of their delicious chocolatey mints to enjoy during the movie.)  Our poor waiter better get his act together, he’s not gonna make it very long in that business.

After dinner we headed off to see Moonrise Kingdom.

Moonrise Kingdom


I don’t think this movie is showing in all the big theaters because we had to go see it at our little artsy theater in the mall.  We had all heard good things about it from friends and I was looking forward to it, but not sure what to expect.  It’s an artsy film, set in the 60s, with a few A-listers (Bill Murray, Bruce Willis and Frances McDormand). But it’s the no-list kids that really steal the show.

Show stealers


If you can get over the artsiness of the film (some women sitting behind us could not), it’s definitely a feel-good, laugh-out-loud, restore-your-faith-in-(alternative)-love-stories kind of movie.

The Long Run

This morning’s long run wasn’t quite as perfect as Friday’s run but it was productive none the less.  But the cold front was nowhere in sight.  I was on the trail before 7:30 (trying to train as close to 6:30 Chicago time as possible) but the temps were already mid-70s.  I ran almost 7 miles before stopping for my first water break (wish there were more fountains on the trail) and 8 miles before more water and a Gu pack at my car.  The last 5 were tough because I mostly ran up .5 miles and back .5 miles in various directions from the car so I could stay close to water.  I didn’t have any pain but sweat was dripping from everywhere – brows, elbows, watch, fingertips, shorts, chin, nose.  It took me 2:02, which is 2 minutes slower than I would like but I’m pretty sure it’s because my shoes were waterlogged.  I’m feeling good about Chicago though – if I can survive 13.1 on a dirt path surrounded by trees (sometimes the same trees 6 times…..) then surely I can survive 13.1 through an exciting and bustling city!

Refueling at Starbucks!

I met Momsie at Starbucks (we’ve had quite a weekend together) to refuel.  She had just completed her morning walk and wanted her Sunday Starbucks treat too.  In keeping with the refueling within 30-60 minutes of finishing a tough workout, I ordered accordingly.  Today’s run qualified as tough because of the distance and the heat!  I sipped on a Grande Iced 2% Sugar-Free Mocha.  Carbs – milk and syrup Protein – milk  Fats – milk.   When we got home a little bit later, I added to my drink a breakfast of: a bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal (more carbs since the milk didn’t provide a lot)  with unsweetened almond milk (more fats)  and blueberries.

What a start to a Sunday!  I’m about to head off to LA Fitness to hop in their steam room and stretch out these muscles while mom plays on the weight machines.  Have a great day!

Have you ever had a questionable dining experience?  Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom?


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  1. The weather conditions sound familiar as I managed to squeeze in only 8 miles down here in the Florida humid heat…but had no water….THAT shouldn’t be a problem in Chicago. But, I did enjoy the pleasure of the many glistening waterways, boats and bridges around Sarasota Bay and Lido Key.

  2. I am so glad you brought up the movie! I have been on the fence about it burt now I will plan to go see it tonight! Thanks for sharing San Francisco with me, again, yesterday! Love you! OX I’ll get back to you on the movie!

  3. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend, Jess! Where did you run in Zville? I’m spoiled with the lakefront in Chi because I can just mindlessly run along the water. When I’m home, I tend to run really random routes through town and down the rail trail. Seeing Moonrise Kingdom is on my list of things to do this week—glad you liked it! Let me know if you’d like to plan a meeting spot or something at RnR!

    • I ran on part of the new rail trail and then the shady old straightaway (lots of XC memories! Did a few reps on the ramp just for kicks 🙂 ) I definitely want to meet up with you – not sure of my travel plans but will be in touch!

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