Resting Legs


Phew, I survived my first biomechanics exam – it was eight questions and took about an hour, and only a little tricky getting all those mathematical concepts into words – but I can tell you very explicitly in terms of moment arms and inertia why a diver rotates faster in specific formations

A middle-sized moment of inertia

and in terms of impulse/momentum conservation why gymnasts bend their knees when they land.

Way to increase the time over which the force was distributed!

After all that thinking this morning I decided to have a relaxing afternoon by the pool.  I know this is true around most of the country but dammit it’s hot!  I just have to survive two days of 102 degrees, hopefully some massive thunderstorms and then we get back into the 80s!  Gonna have to pull the gloves out again….

Work hard, play hard

I stuck with my plan of attending a yoga class tonight at LA Fitness.  I’m not used to saving my workouts for so late in the day but I enjoyed it.  It was a challenging class, easily modified for the many levels of people in the studio.  It re-energized me to take the pup for a walk around the block when I got home followed by some games of chase in the hose.

Can’t resist those eyes

Seriously, would you have been able to resist that sad face?!

Now I’m off to do my 5 push-ups for the July Challenge!



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