Brain Food


Good morning y’all!  Normally on Thursdays I try to get in a speedwork run (recently I’ve been doing 5×30,20,10) and I woke up this morning mentally ready for it.  But I’m not going. My excuse?

Not the heat, nor the humidity.  Worse than that.  (Besides, it’s only 73 right now).

Not because my accessories aren’t charged.  No, plugged those in last night.  Worse still than that.

Not because I’m injured or sick.  Even worse than that.

Nope, none of the traditional excuses are my ticket today.  Instead it’s something more horrible.  I have an exam this morning.  Over biomechanics.

So instead of hitting the trail, I’m hittin’ the books (though I do have plans for some yoga later – body must move at some point today!).  I fixed myself some brain food to get me ready for the 10 am exam.

Breakfast parfait with a side of torques.

I used some leftover sliced strawberries from last night’s dinner and topped them with one container of vanilla greek yogurt and a handful of Cinnamon Harvest squares.  The smooth, creamy and sweet taste of the yogurt contrasts nicely with the crunch of both the berries and squares.  It’s delicious!

Brain food

And now I’m off to spend the rest of my morning with Mr. Isaac Newton and angular forces.  Please go for a run for me!

What do you like to eat if you’ve got a big morning ahead?


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  1. Good Morning! I had every excuse not to go this morning. Somebody was shooting off fireworks even up until 2:00a.m.!, I worked last night and am a bit sore this morning, I have friends coming at 10:00a.m. and I don’t want to rush getting ready, i am burned out on my music, it is a bit cool this morning for my taste (60ish),but since you can’t and you asked, I will be leaving in a few and hit the trail right outside. THANK YOU for being my motivation, AGAIN!!! Love you, great looking breakfast and good luck on your exam!!!

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