Fourth Food!


In a perfect world, the fam and I would be heading to Lion’s Park to snag seats for the 4th of July Fireworks display.  BUT central Indiana is in a severe draught and most of the fireworks shows around this region have been cancelled.  We’re not even allowed to have personal fireworks, and unfortunately that also includes sparklers (yes, I checked).  I considered risking it since the $1,000 fine doesn’t happen until your second offense but my pyro tendencies have been stifled for now.  I would not like to be responsible for the Indiana wildfires of 2012.

To cope with the absence of the explosions (and the 100 degree heat) instead we ventured out to YoJoy for some mid-afternoon treats.

Guess which one’s mine!

The hot weather really puts me in the mood for the California tart – it’s tangy and crisp.  I paired it with fresh fruit.  My inner chocoholic was screaming for attention as well (hate when she does that) so I also got a small dose of Triple chocolate topped with a bite of cookie dough and dark chocolate covered pomegranates.

Sweet treat

For dinner we had a pretty classic American meal of burgers and brats.  Thanks Popsicle for braving the heat to stand by an object emitting even more heat.

Playing with Food

You’re never too old to stop playing with your food right?  I skipped the bun and instead wrapped my burger in two big iceberg lettuce leaves with tomato and horseradish mustard inside.  The tangy horseradish really made a difference in the sandwich!

Bunless burger

For sides we had watermelon, mixed berries and a bean and vegetable salad I chopped up.  Popsie tried grilling watermelon for the first time and we’re all a little unsure of the taste.  Julie recommended it to me, I’ll have to check with her to make sure we did it right!

Grilled watermelon

Chopped salad

Now I’m off to catch the fireworks on TV – it’s the next best thing.

What did you have for your celebrations?  I love hearing what people choose for holidays!



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