Newsday Tuesday


Good mornin’ y’all!  With the Olympics fast approaching (only 24 days to go! Hooray!), there’s a lot going on in the world of athletics.  I don’t follow the procedures too closely but apparently it’s qualification week – a lot of athletes are making or breaking it in their respective sports’ Olympic trials.  Some big names that didn’t make the cut: Nastia Liukin, after her big fall off the uneven bars over the weekend and Dara Torres who missed qualifying by less than half a second (that’s crazy!).  Four years ago when the 2008 Olympics were hosted in Beijing, I wasn’t quite the running fanatic that I am now and would mostly watch swimming and maybe some beach volleyball.

But this year, I am big into the running events – both short and long distance.  Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan in the distance and Lolo Jones in the shorter distances are ones I can’t wait to see run.  I have some new found respect for people who can run loops at the speed of lightning, since I’m pretty sure I can’t run that fast even if someone was chasing me.  The qualifying trials for track, like gymnastics and swimming, also took place over the weekend.  There was a photo finish tie in the women’s 100m.  They literally could not decide based on the replay images which woman won the second place spot (and chance at the Olympics).

Photo Finish

Since ties are so rare (I don’t think this has ever happened before) in the world of track and field, there was no procedure in place for how to break it.  One of the girls, Jeneba Tarmoh was actually originally given the third place spot, even receiving a medal and taking a victory lap.  After reviewing the photo finish though, the committee decided there was no way to determine who actually won the race – now what?  Well, they left it up to the two girls to decide how to settle it (that is absolutely absurd, in my opinion).  I think a coin toss was discussed (can you imagine your Olympic chances being decided by a coin flip?) but they ended up deciding on having a run-off.

That’s all old news – happened over the weekend (I’m just helping you catch up).  The real news today is that the run-off was last night.  Or supposed to be.  It didn’t happen because Tarmoh (the girl who originally “won” the race) elected to withdraw from the run-off, giving the final Olympic spot to her teammate Allyson Felix.  She said her heart just wasn’t in the race anymore and felt that she had been robbed of a spot she believed she rightfully earned.

The tie-breakers

If you were Tarmoh what would you have done?

I would have run like hell for my spot on the Olympic team.

Here are some other female athletes to watch this summer (except not Dara or Nastia anymore :() – Fitness Magazine

Who will you be watching in London?  What are your favorite events to watch?


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  1. Being an ex-sprinter, not even cool to pull out. They called it a tie and a “rematch”, you should have tried.

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