Motivation Mondays – Sunday Morning Bakery Giveaway!


Good morning y’all!  Happy Monday, happy July!  Today’s motivation is two-fold – first some current event inspiration and then a chance to win a bag of Sunday Morning Bakery’s Granola (from my California trip!).

But first, a quick running re-cap.  I did 4 miles with my dad this morning – we were both surprised when we pulled into the trail parking lot to find no one there.  I knew one of the boys wouldn’t be there because he just returned from a Greek vacation with his family (although dad remained optimistic about his appearance and was hoping he would show up to go get coffee and entertain us with tales of the isles).  Not today.  Dad offered for us to go home and go back to bed to which I replied “Well we’re here, I’m awake and I’ve got my shoes on.”  “We can fix all those things if we go home.”  True, but we ran instead.  He watched the Olympic trials last night, which I missed, and told me a story about the gymnastics portion that I thought was pretty inspiring.

Did anyone see the trials last night?  According to my dad (and then I saw a coverage on the Today Show this morning), Nastia Liukin (she won 5 medals in Beijing four years ago) had an unexpected fall on the uneven bars.  She was performing a combination in the air and when she came down to try to grab the top bar, it went right through her hands.  She landed flat on her stomach (watch the video here – it happens SO fast) on the mats.

What now?


According to the news reports I’ve read this morning, she knew when she was face-down that the fall wrecked her shot at making the 2012 Olympic squad.  But that didn’t stop her.  She laid there a moment (probably plotting her next move, catching her breath and holding back tears) and then got up, chalked her hands again and finished with a flawless routine.  What an incredible show of determination, dedication, character and class.  I wish more athletes provided this example of finishing what you start (including myself sometimes!).

“Getting up after a fall is never easy,” she said. “It’s always very tough. It shows your true character if you are able to get up and that’s something I’ve been taught since I was 8 years old.”

Do you have a fall you need to get back from?  Maybe you’ve been away from running too long.  Or the heat has you sitting inside instead of sweating it out for a few miles.  Or maybe it’s something bigger than that in your life.  Well, get up.  Put your shoes on.  Drink some water and get out there.  When you’re done, if it was particularly hard, cry a little.  Nastia did.  Or if it made you feel great, give a big fist pump.  Just get up.
Giveaway time!
So that was a little bit of a downer story with an uppity ending.  Let’s have an even happier start to July!  In an effort to practice utilizing social media to the fullest extent, I’m asking for reader participation!  And in order to encourage that, I’m giving away a bag of Sunday Morning Bakery Granola straight from their California kitchen!  I love their granola because it’s tasty and has half the fat, sugar and calories of a lot of big name brands.  I also enjoyed meeting the couple behind the bakery on my visit to California and am happy to support their endeavors to make the world a little healthier!

Giveaway time!

All you have to do to be entered in the drawing is leave a comment below with a suggestion for a daily July health challenge.  Previous monthly challenges have included running/cardio, yoga and Memphis activities.  Basically I try to complete the challenge activity once per day and report back on it – trying to inspire any of you to participate along the way!

Kelsey Granola

The Kelsey Granola variety is named for their daughter and includes some of my favorite ingredients like almonds, pecans, cinnamon, dried apples and strawberries! YUM!

Ready, set, suggest!  I’ll announce a winner tomorrow morning!

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  1. I will email you “The Belly” worksheet for your core.
    Thank you for featuring Sunday Morning Bakery’s granola! Lucky winner!

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