Weekend Update: RUNMEM’s future


Happy Sunday eve y’all.  I just wanted to do a quick re-cap of the weekend and announce some exciting (to me anyway) news about RUNMEM’s future!

You already know about the big success that was yesterday.  I didn’t feel up for anything too taxing in the way of fitness (although my legs feel surprisingly good post-half-marathon!) so I joined my mama on her morning walk.  We walked for about an hour at the same park that Relay for Life was held in a few weeks ago.  It was toasty but tolerable.

And here’s what’s been going on in my spare time:

Apartment Hunting: In case you’ve forgotten, I’m moving to Austin in about 6 weeks.  I haven’t forgotten and am looking forward to it but it’s a little unnerving thinking about showing up in a place with nowhere to call home.  So I’ve been searching for small studio and one-bedroom apartments on-line.  At first it was pretty overwhelming and intimidating but then I came across a website called walkscore.com.  And now I’m addicted to the hunt.

My New Obsession

Veggie Chopping: We sat down to a family dinner tonight – grilled chicken, summer salad, fresh strawberries and sweet potatoes!  Delicious after a productive day!  I contributed the summer salad which involved a lot of cucumber, tomato and red onion chopping.  But after the chopping you just mix and add oil and red wine vinegar – so simple!

Chicken and veggies

Blog Thinking: Y’all this is taking up most of my brain space.  I think about it constantly – what to do with RUNMEM since I want to write about more than the RUN and don’t live in the MEM anymore?!  When I first started this blog it was meant to keep track of my 50 races in 50 states goal but at the rate I run the races, you’d be getting a post every 2 months – not too fun.  SO then it turned into a general running blog to keep my clients up on mileage and adventures in Memphis.  And now it’s just sort of a whatever I want space and I want the title to be more reflective of that.  And to not tie me to a specific place (though I do love Memphis).    I was so pleased when yesterday on the run I made some progress in my mind for a theme/title and what I want to carry over from what I’ve started here, but I need y’all’s help.  Mostly I write for myself, but also I write for you readers.  For those of you just wanting to keep up with me (family).  For those of you on your own running journey (my Pack).  For those of you who I’ve met through blogging.  And I don’t wanna lose you in the move.  SO – tell me what you like.  What parts of RUNMEM would you like to see stay on the blog (Travel? Family posts? Think of the days – Motivation Mondays, Musical Wednesdays etc.?)  What would you like more of  (What goes on in my head while I run?  Me braving the kitchen?  Froyo?  Informational posts about fitness?  School?  Friends? Gym girl stories?)

Start the discussion in the comments below or if your idea is too brilliant for publicity, shoot me an email at runmem1@gmail.com.

Speak now or forever hold your peace.


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  1. “JessInTime”….Jess In Time…..fits anywhere, anytime, anything with many different connotations. If not the main name, maybe it could be used for a segment of whatever your new blog becomes with all of the subjects you like writing about.

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