A Monumental Run and California Trip: Food Edition!


This morning’s run was a big deal.  It’s the last day of June so it was time to squeeze in my monthly 13.1 (gotta stop saving it for the end of the month!).  So, check that box.  My half-marathon also pushed me just beyond 500 miles for the year, just beyond halfway for my 1,000 miles in 2012 goal (and perfect timing since the year’s half gone now!).  I set out early (6:20 is pretty early for summertime, and Saturday!) to beat the heat but still ended up completely soaked by the end of the run.  Besides that it was pretty comfortable.  With just 3 weeks to the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half, it’s a good feeling knowing I can go the distance.

And I’d say that many miles has earned me the right to have an entire post dedicated to an indulgent SF foodie experience!

First, Koko and I were welcomed to California by a homemade gift basket courtesy of my aunt Julie.

Cali Gift Basket!

In it she placed anything “local” (Livermore or California) including:

A delicious way to welcome us to the west coast!

Fisherman’s Grotto #9

Saturday after our ferry tour of the bay, we stopped in Fishermen’s Grotto #9 for lunch per my dad’s recommendation.  He had been there several times when he was growing up with his grandparents and suggested we put it on our itinerary.  As we walked to the restaurant vendors were preparing fresh crab right on the street!  Julie said she used to come get a loaf of sourdough with some crab and sit in the square for lunch.

Fishermen’s Grotto

We opted to sit upstairs near a window overlooking the bay.  We could see fishing boats and sailboats near the docks.  I’m pretty sure my dad would recognize the inside – I’m not sure the decor has changed since he was last here, check out that carpet!

Retro Carpet

Before we even had time to open our menus we had a basket of warm, fresh from the oven sourdough bread.  It’s a good thing too because on our walk from the boats you could smell the fresh bread coming from multiple restaurants along the way!

Fresh Sourdough

We split a crab cocktail appetizer and for my main lunch I had crab stuffed sole with a lobster cream sauce.  It was indulgent and delicious!  I didn’t know I liked fresh crab so much 🙂

Mmmm cream sauce!

Lunch Ladies

Ghirardelli Square

Possibly the highlight of the food!  After a satisfying lunch we bee-lined it straight for dessert at Ghirardelli.  The square reminded me of the smells of Belgium – sugar, waffle cones and chocolate.  So sweet!  Inside the store we were offered a free sample of their caramel-filled chocolate squares.  It was insanely hectic inside – a lot of people love chocolate!
I was expecting a wide selection of the typical Ghirardelli Squares (which trust me, would have been delightful enough).  I almost died when I saw the ice cream sundae bar.  There were a lot of fancy choices on the menu – peanut butter fudge sundaes, brownies, cookies, banana splits…..

Mega Banana Split

That is not what we ordered – come on y’all, there’s not enough chocolate on that thing.  I opted for a single scoop Coffee Chip ice cream in a dark chocolate dipped waffle cone.  Damn.


Look at the size of those things!  Can you believe we ordered the smallest possible?!  It took us about fifteen minutes to enjoy it.  And we did.  The entire thing.  Good thing we walked the entire Golden Gate afterwards!

Later that night we met up with an old college friend who is starting a Graduate Assistantship position as defensive coordinator of the Stanford football team.  The three of us had a lot of fun catching up on the past three years of life, reliving old times at Rhodes and talking about future plans.  I love how easy it is to re-connect with old friends in new places!

Phew.  What a trip.



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