Motivation Monday


Hi.  It’s Monday.  It’s hot.  And apparently I’m Miss Obvious today.  Anyway – the heat and summertime are a big enemy for runners and outdoor exercisers this time of year.  In all of my favorite places in the country today the heat index was higher than 90.

Hot hot hot

And of course July and August will not bring any relief (neither will my moving south to Texas in two months).  But you still need to get out there.  Get out there because your body can adjust to it.  After 10-12 days of exercising in elevated temperatures, your body’s systems become acclimated to the heat and will respond more efficiently.  This means your workout won’t feel as intense.

Heat Acclimation

In the graph above, the blue line represents heart rate (a measure of effort) for someone not acclimated to heat, and the red line heart rate of the same individual after an acclimation period.  You can see that for the red line heart rate is lower at the same point during the workout.

SO – get out there.  Get acclimated.  Start your two weeks of getting used to the heat now so that soon it won’t feel as tough!

Yes, I ran today – one mile in the neighborhood.  We complained the whole time about how awful it is to run at night.  But we were out there.


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