Relay for Life


Last night I joined my parents and our neighbors at the town park to walk a lap around the Relay For Life event.  If you’re unfamiliar with Relay for Life, it’s a fundraiser put on by the American Cancer Society to raise money for cancer support and research.  It’s a 24 hour event that involves teams raising money and walking in relay-style the entire time (someone from the team must be walking at all times).  We stopped by to join the walk.


I always like to go at night to see the memorial and honorary luminaries.  Last night was a great night too, perfect weather.

Lighting the trail

They lined both sides of the entire almost half-mile track.  Even more touching is that each bag is dedicated to someone who has fought any kind of cancer in their life.  Some of the bags had different colored ribbons to represent different types of cancers, while others had quotations about the fight.  My favorites are below.

Ironman Michael

This guy is extra special to me because he received treatment at St. Jude in Memphis last year and I was able to visit his family a few times to provide some hometown love.

WTF – my very favorite.

I convinced the boys’ team to move this morning’s run to the park instead of the trail so that we could run some laps in support of the event.  By the time we started the even was mostly over and people were packing up to go home but I did hear them announce that over $105,000 was raised by the teams for this individual event!

We ran 4.25 miles at 8 am this morning and I was hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.  If it wasn’t for the group, I would have quit after my one mile requirement for the streak!

Zionsville Farmer’s Market

After the run, Mama joined us for a trip to the Zionsville Farmer’s Market.

Zville Farmer’s Market

We walked from the park to Main Street and enjoyed some of the samples some booths were offering – gourmet peanut butter, chocolate covered apples and pumpkin bread.  The peanut butter was so good we bought two different kinds (and to support a fellow classmate!).

Big Dipper Peanut Butter

There are four flavors of homemade Big Dipper Peanut Butter – Banana Bread Granola, Trail Mix, Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Pretzel.  Y’all know I’m a huge peanut/almond butter fan and I was in love with the Banana Bread Granola flavor.  We also got the Trail Mix.  Upon arriving home I had my dad hide both containers in the kitchen because these are so good I might just sit down and eat the entire container with a spoon.  And if you can’t tell by the names they’re not exactly something you should eat in large quantities…..

But so delicious, I can’t wait to share them with you (watch for a giveaway soon, hint hint.)

Once we were home I took the time to whip up some eggs while my mom sliced the fruit.  I like the extra time Saturday mornings to think about, prepare and enjoy breakfast.  The eggs had asparagus, cherry tomatoes and spinach in them (again) and I had strawberries and cantaloupe too!  Perfect!

Lazy Saturday morning

Have a great day!


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