Thankful Thursdays


I believe all of life’s big questions can be answered with the help of country music, Grey’s Anatomy and exercise (for me running..).      I had a healthy dose of all three yesterday afternoon when I hit the gym for some easy cardio, jump rope and abs.

There’s no problem too big for the docs of Seattle Grace

“No matter how hard we try to ignore or deny it, eventually the lies fall away, like it or not. But here’s the truth about the truth. It hurts. So we lie.”

I was satisfied with the wisdom in Season 2, Episode 14 “Tell Me Sweet Little Lies” and was able to move on from the easy cardio to 10 minutes of jump rope and 10 minutes of abs.  Unfortunately Grey’s still has the power to suck me in and I spent several hours of my sleep time trying to make it through the drama of the bomb inside the body cavity (remember that one?  It’s at least 3 episodes of investment).

Nothing can be as bad as having your hand on live ammunition, in a patient’s abdominal cavity….

If you can’t find any wisdom in the narration of Meredith Grey, the stern rule of Dr. Bailey or dreamy McDreamy’s hair, you can at least use the show to make you realize your life is pretty good.  I mean, thank goodness I wasn’t faced with a situation yesterday of holding live ammunition in my hand.  Seriously.

Anyway, the point of all that is that I stayed up too late last night and couldn’t roll myself out of bed this morning for the 30,20,10 run I had planned.  Instead, I took my time sipping on some coffee and cooking up a healthy breakfast (just because I skipped my morning workout doesn’t mean I get to throw in the towel on the whole day..).

Veggies, fruit and protein!

Sometimes after a tough workout solid food doesn’t sound appealing to my stomach (hence the smoothies).  I took the opportunity today to use the extra time not spent exercising to chop some vegetables and to enjoy some solid food!  I made an egg and two egg whites omelette with asparagus, spinach, baby tomatoes and feta and had a piece of toast with a bit of peanut butter and sliced strawberries.  Just enough to fuel me through basketball camp for the rest of the morning!

Enjoy your Thursday – what are you thankful for today?


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