Lesson Learned


In this morning’s post I mentioned that I just couldn’t get myself on the streets for my run.  Instead I squeezed it in between basketball camp and a trip on the boat with Dad.  And I’m not sure I’ll be saving my run for noon again anytime soon.

Run 107/162

Location: Neighborhood to Trail

Distance: 4.76 miles

Time: 41:21

Pace: 8:41

Other Notes: It’s Thursday so that meant speed workout #2 of the week.  I followed my new favorite style – the 30, 20 , 10 – completing 4 sets of 5 rounds of 30 second jog, 20 second moderate, 10 second sprint.  I was running short on time since I planned to spend the afternoon with my dad on the boat, and cut the usual 2 minute jog between sets down to one minute.  It was a tough workout but I felt strong (fueled by a good breakfast!).  You can see on the pace chart below that I succeeded in negative splits for the interval sets!!  On the return trip in the wide open sun I thought I might melt, I bet I give sleeping in a second thought next time…

Avg Pace
Summary 41:21.8 4.76 8:41
1 9:14.7 1.00 9:15
2 5:30.3 0.67 8:14
3 :45.0 0.07 10:07
4 5:01.4 0.62 8:06
5 1:02.5 0.11 9:36
6 5:01.2 0.63 7:58
7 1:00.3 0.11 9:24
8 4:56.5 0.60 8:16
9 8:49.9 0.96 9:14

Hot lunchtime run!

After an ice-cold glass of water on the back deck, I threw on my swim suit and joined Dad for the inaugural boating trip of the year (sadly, more like three years for me).  Mostly he just wanted to make sure it still floats and I had no obligations this afternoon so thought I would join him.  It was great to be out on the water again – we didn’t have enough people with us to try any water sports (I’m a ferocious tuber and pretty hilarious to watch on a ski) and I absolutely did not jump in the water.  Instead I enjoyed the sunshine and did a little research on my future city.

Austin research

After idling for about an hour, we took a tour around half of the lake.  Some of the houses are pretty spectacular.  I like to look at a house and try to imagine what the family who lives there is like.  I asked for a special drive-by of our family’s favorite house.

Favorite house on the lake.

For this house I always imagine what my life would be like living there.  Today I was feeling a bit older and figured it would be the summer retirement home after Saucony or YoLo offers me a sponsorship to finish out my 50-state racing dream.  Then I’ll write a book and make billions (yes, with a “b” – it is a fantasy after all).  I might let my husband come visit sometimes, otherwise it’s the getaway house for me and the girlfriends.

Happy Thursday – catch y’all later!


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