Day 3: Mile Repeats


Yesterday I completed Day 3 of the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak.  A summer goal of mine is to work on my 5k time and in order to do that I have to run faster during the training runs so I’m trying to incorporate speedwork 1-2 times per week.  And yesterday was one of those days.

I woke up still pretty tired from Monday’s long run (had to be pulled out of bed by dad…) and wasn’t sure my planned mile repeats were going to happen.  I got to the meeting spot and decided I would run the opposite direction of the boys, hoping that the half mile warm up to the start of the straightaway would leave me feeling more into the task at hand.  It worked.

Run 92/147

Location: Zionsville Rail Trail

Distance: 4 miles

Weather Notes: High 50s/Low 6os.  Pleasant.

Time: 31:something (the run didn’t get saved in my watch :()

Pace: Fast…..

Other Notes:  I decided to run 3 one-mile repeats after a half mile warm-up.  Since I’m trying to get in the low 20s for The Gibson Race, I wanted my mile times to be in the low 7s.  My “track” is a half-mile, very straight, very flat, relatively soft path on the trail and so I planned to run down and back three times.  I wish I had the times from my watch but I remember for most I was able to keep between a 7:15 and 7:30 pace which is close to my goal.  I rested 2 minutes in between repeats.  Each mile was tough but I tried to keep pushing myself, and when my watch messed up in the last mile (I couldn’t see my pace anymore…) I got discouraged but tried to think – what would you do if this happened in the last mile of the race?  Keep running.

And then it was off for a day of fun in Indianapolis with Lyndsay!

Indy Fun!


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  1. Rail Trail…love that name! Sorry about it not getting saved to watch. I am very bummed. The pedometer in my ipod quit working 😦 I think I got it too sweaty.

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