2 for 2


I knew after yesterday’s half marathon mileage I wouldn’t be up for much in the way of fitness. So, I treated myself to a recovery episode of Grey’s Anatomy on the elliptical this morning to get the blood flowing.

Season 2 Cast

I love that I started over from the beginning of the entire series, even though I caught almost every episode through Season 4 in college.  It’s nice to not have to wait for next Thursday to roll around if I don’t want to.  BUT I do have to be on a cardio machine in order to watch…..

I had a productive day of chores and errands with running on the brain for later in the day.  This afternoon I completed day 2 of the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak!

Run 91/146

Location: From home in the neighborhood

Weather Notes: 78 and sunny

Distance: 2 miles

Time: 19:06

Pace 9:33

Other Notes: Before I had such a big run planned yesterday, I wanted to do speedwork at the park today.  Those plans changed quickly when my tired legs could hardly handle the elliptical this morning.  I opted instead for this easy run in hopes of a productive speedwork day later in the week – I’d like to do mile repeats to practice for the Gibson!  (Who is typing this, surely not me…)

But right now it’s off to pick up mama and Lyndsay from the airport!!  It’s been a while since I’ve had college guests in town, looking forward to showing her the town that raised this girl.


Are you participating in the run streak?  Not too late to start if you ran yesterday (or hell, if you didn’t yesterday, start today!)


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