Motivation Monday


Happy Memorial Day y’all!  Summer doesn’t officially start until June 20, but I’ve always thought of Memorial Day as the unofficial start to summer.  Hell, it’s hot enough here already!  Maybe I was conditioned to think this way because our neighborhood pool always opened on Memorial Day weekend.  Or maybe because it’s when I can wear white again (you know as a big fashionista, I follow all the rules…..).  Or maybe I just can’t wait until June 20 to start acting like it’s summertime – pool, tanlines, refreshing cocktails here I come!


In celebration of Memorial Day, I challenge y’all to take the time on your day off (assuming you don’t have work today) to go for a run and think of the people you know who have served our country.  Surely everyone out there has at least one friend or family member, neighbor or co-worker who has served in one of our nation’s armed forces that can be commemorated on a run.  Today I run for Bubba, my mom’s dad, who served in the Army, and for all the soldiers, from the Revolutionary War to the present day who fought and continue to sacrifice so that I can have big dreams.   Thank you!

One more thing…..

In case that’s not enough for you today, I have one more piece of motivation for you!  Runner’s World is sponsoring a “summer running streak” similar to their holiday streak last year.  I also completed a personal running streak in January where I set out to run every day for the entire month.  I succeeded, but some days ran as little as a third of a mile.  I’m steppin’ it up this time with Runner’s World!  Here are the general rules for the contest:

  • Starts Memorial Day – TODAY!
  • Ends July 4, 2012
  • Minimum of 1 mile per day, everyday
  • Post your progress in the comments section of this blog, with me on Facebook and/or Twitter – (@runsprenkelrun and @runnersworld, #RWrunstreak)

So, who’s with me?  It’ll be a great way to beat all those excuses that come with summer running – It’s too hot, I drank too many margaritas during happy hour, I’m on vacation, It’s so hot etc. etc.


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