Running with the Boys


My 2 most recent runs have been with my dad’s training group of 3-4 guys and 1-2 dogs.


Run 88/143

Location: Zionsville Rail Trail

Weather Notes: Hot and humid….

Distance: 5 miles

Time: 50:06

Pace: 10:01

Other Notes: We had 2 dogs and 5 men this morning.  Remember this is the intense training group that has a few set rules – when a dog stops for “business” we all stop.  There is to be no running under covered objects (like bridges).  A “bridge” can be called out at any point during the run.  When one man stops, we all stop.  So, not quite the intense training I need to get my speed up but a recovery day was in order and if it wasn’t for the group, I wouldn’t have been up to run at 6 am and by my usual 8 am time, I would have wimped out because of the heat!  The group did four and then pops and I stuck on an extra mile at the end.

Avg Pace
Summary 50:06.1 5.00 10:01
1 10:27.6 1.00 10:28
2 9:34.2 1.00 9:34
3 10:43.7 1.00 10:44
4 10:20.8 1.00 10:21
5 8:59.7 1.00 8:59

Run 89/144

Location: Same Zionsville Rail Trail

Weather Notes: Warm and humid

Distance: Six miles

Time: 56:06

Pace: 9:21

Other Notes: Today it was just one dog and five guys.  We had a visitor from New York who was in town for the Indy 500 and nervous about the intensity of the group.  We reassured him that he could handle us.  Harry (black lab) let us down today on the “dog down” rest stops but we managed to make it.  Two men turned around at the 2 mile marker with Harry while the rest of us continued on to 2.5.  I told our guest that they were just showing off for him, adding an extra mile to their usual 4.  That didn’t make them happy – apparently 5 is  normal for Saturdays……we were soaked by the time we finished but I talked dad into one more mile before going home to enjoy a delicious, cold, healthy smoothie!

Avg Pace
Summary 56:06.1 6.00 9:21
1 9:57.5 1.00 9:58
2 9:29.6 1.00 9:30
3 9:51.1 1.00 9:51
4 9:43.7 1.00 9:44
5 8:14.9 1.00 8:15
6 8:47.2 1.00 8:47
7 :02.2 0.00 10:45

So glad to have the run over with today -it’s getting HOT!  And no, I’m still not goin to the race!


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