Body Works Plus Abs


Graduation Re-Cap

How’d your Monday go?  I’m glad to be home after a weekend in Greencastle celebrating Nathan’s graduation from DePauw University.  I’m very proud of him and really enjoyed hanging out and interacting with his soccer teammates and fraternity brothers.  They’re funny boys with big ambitions and I wish them all the best and success (I’ve also decided my retirement job will be a house mom to a frat house of boys).

Walking across the stage

I think everyone in the audience (myself included, obviously) deserves huge props for sitting in the heat.  It was a beautiful, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky kind of day with temperatures in the low 80s at the start of the ceremony.  I’m relieved no one passed out, but I’m pretty sure we all lost 5 pounds just from sweating.

Proud big sis!

The whole immediate family.

Some other highlights of the weekend include:

View from the house.

Interactions with nature

“Man food” at the frat house reception

Bring it on – I’m ready with my plastic apron.

After a drink or two, the talents start to come out.

It’s a family thing…

Monday’s Fitness Routine

Despite all the fun over the weekend, I was ready to get back into a regular fitness routine.  I let myself sleep in a bit before hitting the road for a run.

Run 85/139

Location: Zionsville morning 5-mile route to rail trail

Distance: 5 miles

Weather: Cool temperatures but high humidity because of rain overnight

Time: 43 minutes

Pace: 8:30ish

Other Notes: It felt great to be out running after a full day of rest Sunday.  I’m not sure what I thought about this morning…I think I tried to create a plan in my head for getting a PR in a 5k in June…..also, still recovering from sinus and allergy issues so didn’t feel 100%.  But definitely better!

I decided to use my run as a warm-up for today’s fitness class of choice.  I mentioned in this morning’s post that I was going to try a new style of class at my new gym, LA Fitness each day this week.  Today I opted for Body Works Plus Abs.  

Here’s how LA Fitness describes the class:

Here’s what I say: The number of participants in this morning’s class speaks volumes for the effectiveness and popularity of the class.  Our group of mostly middle-aged women (nothing wrong with that, I just know that mid-morning is their time of day) with a few college students (probably home for the summer) and several golden girls, and one man (hey, more power to ya, the odds are in your favor) packed the entire large classroom mirror to mirror.  Our props included several sets of dumbbells and a step with risers.  I opted for two risers and 5 and 7.5 pound weights.  Stereotypical aerobics-style music played and a stereotypically cute and hyper-energetic instructor led us through squats, biceps, triceps, shoulders, more squats, one-legged squats, step ups, dips and abs.  We pulsed and held and got lower and alternated and lifted.  And it was a great time and effective workout – I can make it even more effective by lifting heavier weights.  I’m glad I tried it and will try another Body Works Plus Abs class again soon.

On deck for tomorrow is Step Plus Abs with a special guest!  (For any of you who have seen me teach an aerobics class, you know this story will be entertaining.



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