Thankful Thursdays


There’s a couple today:

I am thankful my little brother took enough time away from the goalie box to crack the books so he can graduate from college this weekend.  

DePauw Grad….almost!

He’ll be graduating with the class of 2012 with a BA in Psychology (just like mom and sis).  More impressive are his soccer accomplishments, but I don’t have time to dip into those today!

I am thankful to have family in town to celebrate my little brother’s graduation from college.

Nathan, Emilie and Larry

Emilie (dad’s younger sister) and Larry (Emilie’s husband) and G (dad’s dad) all came across the country to celebrate this momentous occasion.  My dad thought they were arriving late tonight and was more than surprised (befuddled is the word I imagined  when he told this story) when G called from the airport last night asking where he was.  After an “Oh, shit” moment, we put em up in a hotel and joined them for breakfast this morning.  I’m looking forward to a weekend of fun.

I am thankful that I was able to drop General Physics this summer.  

This might be the thing I’m the most thankful for in the world.  After some pleading, I was able to convince someone I don’t need to take physics.  That granted me 14 hours of class time and hundreds of dollars back.  Not to mention additional hours of turmoil trying to figure out friction, tension and force vectors.  SO HAPPY!

I am thankful I’m enjoying my Exercise Physiology class (it’s a good sign for the field I’m about to spend two years getting into).

I had my first lab this week and we got to play.  Seriously.  For this week’s lab we were checking our physical performance on fitness tests so we did pushups, step ups, balance tests, treadmill tests and grip tests.  It was like a workout, but for a grade.  I get to wear workout clothes to lab and class and no one thinks twice about it.  I’m totally in my element.

My Classroom

Have I mentioned that my classroom and the lab are located in the same building as the IUPUI Natatorium?  Aka the pool where Dara Torres, Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, and Amanda Beard have done their thing and several Olympic Trials and NCAA Championships have been held.

What are you thankful for today?


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      • You have the ability to do anything! I know that you believe that you do have that ability also. You need to challenge yourself and not take the easy way. You are headed to grad school and will be given many challenges in the next year, go for the gusto.

  1. Please give everyone a BIG hug and kiss for me! I am thankful I got to see the boys and celebrate Jace’s 4th birthday this Thursday! I am thankful for you and all your encouragement! I love you!

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