Musical Wednesdays: Stronger (yes, again)


Hey y’all, late-night post today.  Last Friday I was enjoying a brew on my favorite Memphis Patio (Celtic) with a friend and her pooch when some other friends walked past and came over to say hi.  We started chatting over the fence and walking friend, who has recently started a new gym routine, but was maybe finding it tough to get going still, shared this video with me.  Soon after I heard about it on the Today Show, the radio and one other time in the gym.

Stronger – Seattle Children’s Hospital Version.  Kelly Clarkson.

She went on to say (I swear I’m not making this up) “The video really motivated me, I mean those kids are fighting for their lives.  I can get my ass up and go to the gym (insert your own struggle here) in the morning.”

Don’t take your health for granted.  Get up, go for your run.  Get up, lift the heavier weights.  Get up, don’t have that second helping of dinner.  No one else has to help you, you can do it by yourself (like the song says: just me, myself and I) Do it because you can, and watch this video until you’re convinced.




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  1. I was just talking about this topic, not taking your health for granted tonight. I volunteer helping a woman that was a nurse in the E.R. for 30 years Now, she can barely walk. She has Parkinson’s disease. She was telling me tonight how much she misses the outdoors and hiking. I am SO thankful that I can get out everyday! Thank you for your motivation, Jessica!!!

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