Back to Memphis for the Junior League 5k


Happy Monday y’all!  Let’s recap my trip to Memphis and Mother’s Day!

I hit the road Thursday to head back to Memphis (yes, it had only been 4 days) after a stressful morning of class and car troubles.  First I went East to Effingham (yes, it’s a real place) where I almost always stop for Starbucks, but this time was in too much of an excited hurry to stop.  From there it was South for 4.5 more hours of country tunes and wandering thoughts.  Not soon enough I could see the bridge and the skyline.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited to have that view (except when I returned from a semester abroad) and I squealed out loud in the car.

I returned to the boys next door running routes in the street and the girls throwing together a potluck taco salad.  The first thing I did was sit on the swing with a beer.  Friday morning I met a friend early for a workout and had my very final training session.  And then I experienced the whirlwind of being a visitor somewhere.  Had a lunch date, an ice cream date, a patio-sitting date.  And then enjoyed a home cooked meal with the Grizzlies victory over the Clippers in game 6.  

Saturday was the race!  I woke up tired (from the game), extremely full (from the southwestern salad and a few too many chips) and a little under the weather.  The weather too was under the weather.  

Run 80/133 Junior League Memphis 5k

Location: Memphis, Highland and Central Area

Weather Notes: 60s and rainy

Distance: 5k

Time: 23:16

Pace: 7:30

Place: 2 in age group, 34th overall.

Other Notes:  It wasn’t a PR but given all the characteristics of the morning, from the ones I could help (tired and full) to the ones I couldn’t (the weathers) I was pleased with my time.  I’ll use it as a springboard for my summer training and benchmark for improvements.  The afterparty was wonderful, hardly any place other than a race where it’s appropriate and expected to be drinking beer at 9:45 in the morning.  They also had ice-cold chocolate milk which felt great on my sore throat.

I went to the gym for a bit (you gotta remember that was only 25 minutes of cardio…just enough to cancel out my milk and beer) so that I could enjoy YoLo after 🙂


MMMMM. Cookie dough for all!

Saturday night I grabbed dinner with some girlfriends and headed to Beale Street to help the graduates celebrate!  I can hardly believe it was two years ago for me, and that little bro has his own celebrations this coming weekend!

Sunday was the trip home for Mother’s Day!  I was sad to leave because this time was truly my move away.  I’ve got alotta hearts in Memphis and I promise not to forget y’all! The trip was worsened by the Grizzlies less-than-stellar effort in Game 7, which brought on a second round of tears.



Mother’s Day Dinner

I rolled into the driveway in just enough time to whip up a drink for Mama and help make the salad for our Mother’s Day dinner.  Which obviously was followed up by a trip to a Fro-Yo place.  No matter where you are, you can never have enough!

How was your weekend?


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