Musical Wednesdays – It’s a Man’s World


Happy Wednesday!   Who ran with the Pack this morning?!  I ran here with my dad’s group – me, dad + 3 other dads + Harry (black lab).  More on the run later – first the song choice for the week!

It’s a Man’s World.  Juliet Simms.

I’ve been watching a lot of TV after dinner lately (I can’t help it, my parents love reality TV shows) and The Voice has been on every night this week.  I caught this performance on one of my first nights home.

She’s a pretty impressive little rocker.  And I know how she feels trying to hold her ground in a genre of music dominated by men.  I’ve felt that way in my new gym, in my professional world (not in Memphis, women certainly dominated that scene – go girls!), in the sports world growing up and now certainly approaching my graduate degree in Sports Science and Nutrition.

Other artists who have performed this song include James Brown, Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone, Seal and Etta James.  It also recently appears as the soundtrack to this sassy commercial (which I recently saw for the first time this week as well).

So girls, what are you waiting for?  Get out there and run.  Get into a gym and lift the weights.  Take a science class or two.  Run your own freaking company.



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  1. I love the commercial;! I thought Juliet kicked bootie but they gave the title to a man!

    Thanks for the reminder about jumping rope. I pulled mine out today!

    Love you!

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