Back to School!


Today was my first day of summer school – General Physics and Exercise Physiology.  It’s an all-day affair with Physics starting at 9 am and Exercise Phys ending at 4:15 so I made sure to get a run in with my new group this morning.

Run 79/130

Location: Zionsville Rail Trail

Weather Notes: Chilly!  High 50s (not used to that, but enjoyed it!)

Distance: 4 miles

Time: 40ish minutes

Other Notes: It was the usual group minus the Lawyer, including 4-legged Harry.  After some static stretching in the shelter (not recommended by me, I think it’s more of a procrastination habit they’ve developed) and an encouraging “Enjoy your walk/run” from a man doing single-leg squats on the picnic tables (seriously), we set off on the trail.  My legs are still sore so the “casual” run still felt plenty challenging.  Let me paint a picture of the run for you – any time we come to “the bridge” (twice on a 4 miler), we get to walk.  Sometimes it extends a few meters beyond the length of the tunnel.  Anytime Harry has to use the restroom, we all stop to wait for him (today it was three times).  And finally, anytime one of us has a wardrobe malfunction, or just gets tired, we call “bridge” and get to walk.  Oh, we also walk at the turnaround.  I’m not trying to downplay the habits this group has fallen into, it’s a nice opportunity for recovery and I’m happy for the company!

After the run, I drove to downtown Indianapolis for my first day of summer school classes at IUPUI.  This place is big.  I’ve never had hospitals or a monorail on my campus before!  I spent the first two hours of the morning talking about significant figures and scientific notation.  Physics felt pretty manageable today but looking at the calendar, it’s the last day I’ll feel that way.  I’m about to be way over my head in vectors, forces and Newtons.

Since I didn’t have lab today, I had a two-hour lunch break and my dad came to meet me for lunch.  We grabbed food at Noodles and Company, an old favorite of mine.  When the restaurant first came to town, I had my first job working as cashier, garnisher, salad tosser and noodle cooker.  It was a lot of fun!

I ordered the Chinese Chop Salad with grilled chicken, and Dad got the Tuscan Fettuccine.  Not quite as amazing as I remember but that’s probably because I’ve been spoiled by Cheffie’s!

Healthy Lunch!

After lunch I headed to my 3 HOUR Exercise Physiology course.  I’m looking forward to this class because it’s a subject my past two years was based on.  I just wish it wasn’t three hours long!  Today was mostly review as we discussed muscle structure and function……By 4:15 I couldn’t wait to get up and get moving.  As soon as class was out, I hopped in the car and drove straight to the gym to complete a strength routine (normally I would have done it after our run but didn’t have time before class. I tried out a new strength routine at the suggestion of my assessment results.  It was tough and I can’t wait to share it with you sometime when the Grizzlies aren’t in a playoffs game!

To Memphis tomorrow!!


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