Run #??, Let’s say 77


Oh hey, summer!

May 7 – Run 77/106

Location: Downtown Indianapolis

Weather Notes: 80ish and Sprinkling

Distance: 3.24

Time: 29:02

Other notes:  Dad was still suffering soreness from is PW in the Indy Mini on Saturday (in his defense, it was brutally humid) and I’m suffering the effects of laziness and lack of discipline while on my farewell tour.  But, the important thing is, we were out there. We didn’t let the thunder deter us at the start.  Or the rain make us turn back before we reached our turn around.  I was glad when it was over, but glad to have done it.

And now it’s time for sweet birthday wishes to my young Mama!  Wish you could have joined in on the frozen yogurt with me and dad 🙂  Can’t wait to see ya Sunday!

Happy Birthday!

The Grizzlies are playing on the West Coast tonight and the game doesn’t even start until hours after my normal bedtime (10:30 pm), good thing I can sleep in if I want!  DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’ GRIZZ!

Go Grizz!


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