First Things


I can hardly believe that yesterday morning I was hanging out at this house (didn’t spend enough time on that swing in two years, missing it already!)

Bye Harbert House!

and almost 8 hours later I pulled up at this house just in time to run inside and see Rudy hit a big three and miss the next.

The House that Built Me

Last night I went for one more celebration dinner, this time for Cinco de Mayo, with my dad and some soccer moms (seriously, and they don’t take offense to that title).

Today I had three big things I wanted to accomplish:

  1. Unload the car – check.  Took a little bit (I’m an unorganizing expert) but I got mostly everything inside, and even upstairs to my room.  Now it’s all just there, on the floor.  That can be on tomorrow’s to do list.
  2. Register for races – check.  I signed up for the Junior League Memphis 5k this coming Saturday (just an excuse to head back to Blues City!) and the St. Jude Memphis Marathon  (I’ll do the half).  My goal for the 5k is to run it, and then a month later see how much I’ve improved in the Gibson 5k.  My goal for the half marathon will be to beat last year’s 1:47:36.
  3. Join a gym – check.  Joined for three months at LA Fitness.  A far cry from the friendly, spiritual feel of InsideOut but it’ll be great for the summer and I’ll just have to bring that IOG spirit to the big dogs.

    Summer playground.

    I even worked out for a bit (finally, it’s been a long time! Too much playing on my farewell tour of Memphis!).  I managed 60 minutes on the elliptical, starting at Level 6 and using an old Spinning playlist, I changed the level every two songs, and direction of my pedaling every one song.  Then just for kicks I spent 10 minutes on the stair master.  Tomorrow I’m scheduled for a free assessment as part of my joining package – we’ll see how much damage I did on the party train ;).  Whatever it is, I’m ready to work hard and share the road with y’all.




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  1. Happy to see your post. I thought about you yesterday when I knew you were on your drive. You will have a great summer — and plus, you are heading back to Memphis plenty of times — which is GREAT!

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