Musical Wednesdays: Even if it Breaks Your Heart and All I Do is Win


I’m alive.  M.I.A., but alive.  I hate that I have had to slow my blog roll but there’s a lot going on as I prepare to roll out of Memphis “for good” (I say that in quotation marks because I’m coming back less than a week later, and still haven’t given up my plan to convince #22 to marry me) this weekend.

Anyway – because my conscience feels so bad for neglecting you (or because I couldn’t decide which song I like better today), I’ve selected two, enjoy!

Even if it Breaks Your Heart.  Will Hoge.

Y’all know I’m a sucker for any song that mentions a place close to my heart – Memphis, Tennessee, Indiana, Georgia and soon-to-be Texas.  Well this song gets a special nod today for its mention of my beloved city and its relevance to my immediate situation.

Will Hoge. The Wreckage.

There are several versions of this song – this one by Will Hoge, a performer at Midtown’s Levitt Shell and this more mainstream one by the country Eli Young Band.  I love the acoustic sound to both versions but probably like the simplicity of Will’s the best.  It’s a great reminder that sometimes the road to your dreams aren’t always easy.  As my departure date (originally today, now Saturday) keeps getting pushed further back, I need to remember that what I had here was a great thing and I can find that again on the road to my graduate school experience, something I’ve always wanted to do.  Now it’s time and I don’t want to go – but “I can hear ’em sayin’, “Keep on dreamin’ even if it breaks your heart.”  I haven’t shed any tears yet, but they’re coming for sure.

All I Do is Win (Memphis Grizzlies Remix).  Freesol.

I hate to leave you on a downer note mid-week so let’s pump it up and get excited for tonight’s playoff game.  The Grizzlies have quite and embarrassment to overcome and I’m confident they can do it.

All I Do is Win. Memphis Grizzlies.

This song plays at the FedEx Forum after every Grizzlies’ victory.  I like the remix as it mentions Memphis and all the players.  Here’s hoping that I hear it tonight as the boys stomp the Clippers…..

Do you believe?!


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  1. I hope your having a great time at the game and can’t wait to hear how it turned out! Did you get to hear the victory song?????

    Love you!

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