Running Update.


I haven’t been keeping track of my miles recently.  Ooops.  Actually, I am really bummed about it because I was doing such a good job!  But I got behind reporting a few runs here and now I’m not sure exactly how many miles I missed – I’ll do a quick recap of what I’m positive about and then will just guesstimate the other weeks.  Not the most exact method but who says all runners have to be precise?

Last night I kicked and screamed my way to the T.N.T. (Tuesday Night Torture Track) workout.  Of course, it wasn’t so bad once I got there, especially since the temperatures were in the low 60s.  Bet that doesn’t happen again until October!  Mama’s been here helping me get started on some packing and we decided at lunch to go out for dinner at Alchemy.  I made a promise to myself that we would only go to dinner, and I would only be allowed to get my favorite drink if I went to T.N.T.  So, after teaching Bosu, I headed for the track.  I’ve been away for two weeks and was extra-dreading the workout (even though I know how great I feel after).

I did a pretty easy mile warm-up and then waited around to hear the assignment – 3 sets of: 2×400 and 1×800 at mile pace.  Not so bad – I love 400s! I ran 4 miles total (including warmup and cooldown).

1st set: 99 seconds, 99 seconds, 3:22

2nd set: 96 seconds, rest lap (my quads were on fire), 3:18

3rd set: 96 seconds, 94 seconds, 3:16

We took off to complete that first 400 and I kid you not immediately my thoughts went to the drink awaiting me at Alchemy.  Not thoughts about improving my race times.  Or about Katniss like a few weeks ago.  Nope, straight to the alcohol.

Will run for tequila.

Mama and I enjoyed drinks, dinner and dessert while watching the Grizz squeak by the Timberwolves.  And I was so glad I went to the track – only two workouts left!


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  1. I know what you mean about recording your progress. It really is important/fun. I haven’t been doing it because my ipod “broke”. I think I must have got it too sweaty or something and one of the pieces inside is not working anymore. I am bummed. It was fun tracking it within a program. Oh, well, not going to make me stop!

    HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Love you!

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